Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood

The story of the famous designer of the world of fashion Vivienne Westwood or Vivienne Isabel Swire born on April 8, 1941, in Tintwistle; Inglaterra, has gone through creations that have earned him unique places and a social activism that goes beyond fashion.

The young Vivienne studied secondary in the Glossop Grammar School until in 1958 her family had to move for work reasons to Harrow, in London. There she decided to study jewelry at the Harrow School of Art, but she left it after a while.

Vivienne Westwood is known as the lady of punk fashion and has been the protagonist of major campaigns both on the catwalks and in numerous polemics for social demands, defense of civil rights and the climate change crisis.

Her life as a designer has passed between the experience of creating clothes inspired by motorized, prostitutes and the punk style, the irreverence to include other classic elements to these designs, was what made it immediately capture the attention not only of a group following these tendencies but of a wider sector of the population to which these new proposals of more daring characteristics were appealing, making a traditional element more impressive.

Vivienne quickly became an expert in obtaining maximum impressions for her particular designs, including garments such as the classic and elegant corset in her collections to give her a punk touch, or the use of extravagant dog collars as a symbol of slavery, creating what has been cataloged today a sophisticated model of punk. His creations always reflect his anti-system message: the punk and rebellion with which much of British youth feel identified.

The first job that brings her to the public arena was to dress up members of the Sex Pistols group with her sophisticated punk designs for her first official concert in 1977.

The personality and inspiration of Vivienne have allowed her to anticipate an era and create a new trend style worldwide which has been a key element throughout her career. Her irreverent personality, anti-culture, anti-capitalist is identified in her creations.

Some designers colleagues have cataloged her as a transgressor of fashion for showing catwalks with models belonging to different ethnic groups, as was the case of the collection inspired by gypsies as a protest mechanism against some policies of a Berlusconi executive, or the use of porn industry models to promote their designs.

In her extensive career, she has been honored by important museums of the world and has continued designing and selling her creations. She has collaborated with other brands and famous stores such as Nine West, has exhibited collections inspired by the environment creating beautiful high fashion dresses from the use of a tablecloth or a beautiful curtain. She belongs to an ethnic fashion initiative group where she has a collection of handbags and accessories made by women and men from Nairobi with recycled material.

She also works with a group of artisans from Burkina Faso who are responsible for making the fabrics for their hand-made collections, in the quest to continue exercising their work of dressing people without generating a high impact on the environment.

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