Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a retail store, dedicated to inspiring customers through a combination of products, creativity, and cultural understanding.

It was founded in the year 1970, in a small place next to the street of the University of Pennsylvania. Currently, the company operates in more than 200 stores in the USA, Canada, and Europe

Urban Outfitters promote the sale of their products in both physical stores and online, here you can find items for women, men, home, gifts, music and technology, beauty, gift cards.

The merchandise comes from multiple suppliers distributed in the USA and the rest of the world

The price is displayed on the website and, if applicable, the discount offer that is valid for the same, you can select the product, indicating if it is clothing, specify the size, color, quantity, as well as You can review more details of the product offered.

For the ladies, they are offered from Bohemian dresses, jackets, underwear, sweaters, shirts, jeans, sports and dress shoes, accessories.

For the gentlemen, they offer a great variety of trousers, shirts, printed flannels, accessories, casual clothes to be next to the pool, jackets, a wide variety of sports and dress shoes, sweaters, jeans, hoodie selections ranging from black and gray hoodie to graphic selections in blue and green, as well as round neck sweatshirts.

In the Urban Outfitters men’s outerwear collection, they keep offerings of jackets in a variety of colors and cuts, from denim jackets to bomber jackets, keeping offers of autumn and winter jackets.

Urban Outfitters, offers a variety of items you may need to decorate your home, including bedding, wall hangings, rugs, bathroom curtains, and furniture.

In the area of ​​Music and Technology, has been established in the reference site for the search of vinyl, turntables and technology accessories, cameras, cell phones, technological games, wireless speakers, wireless projectors equipped with HDMI, USB and micro SD connectors, connectable to the horns via Bluetooth.

Gift Cards, to use on vacation, when we forgot to buy a gift; electronic gift cards are sold, with charges from $ 25 to $ 1000, with different motifs engraved on the cover.

Beauty products, cosmetics; bath products, soaps, hand creams, body creams, exfoliating creams, salts, scented candles, lotions and body oils, toothpaste and toothbrushes.

In Wellness, a series of health and wellness products are offered. From herbal supplements, loose leaf teas, soaps, bath salts to aromatherapy oil sets.

The underwear in Urban Outfitters is the section with the new collection of lingerie, black and white lace thongs, panties, and underwear with funny prints, transparent lace, and mesh application. This selection of underwear includes seamless underwear with laser cut, in a variety of natural tones, as well as special pieces just available.

The Urban Outfitters boyshorts line has a wide range of short underwear, short panties that come in a range of patterns and fabrics, such as seamless laser cut and lace.