Under Armour

Under Armour

Under Armour came into being in 1996 when a North American athlete from the State of Maryland, named Kevin Plank, at his grandmother’s house, when he was very young, had an idea of entrepreneurship to design comfortable clothes under his personal seal, at that time it was a football player so his preference leaned towards sportswear, shirts, shorts, hats, quality that remained dry despite physical activity, began his sales between football teams and among his closest friends, in the year 2006 incorporated sports footwear into its line of designs.

The inspiration to innovate usually appears in the least expected moment, when Kevin Plank in his time as a university student and athlete, during his training, had to change often because sweat was drying his clothes, tired of always the same, one day thinking, that would be ideal for an athlete at the level of clothing, it came to mind that the ideal was to absorb the sweat from a synthetic material and to be comfortable and elegant at the same time. By then there were obviously other sports brands, to name a few Addidas, Reebok, the famous Nike, they soon followed this initiative and included in their designs clothes with the characteristic of Waterproof (waterproof).

Under Armour since its foundation in 1996, has grown as one of the most recognized brands worldwide for its quality, prestige and models that please the most demanding consumers, placing the brand as one of the most preferred in the market, which brought as a consequence, a vertiginous increase in sales, in a short time around 3 years in 1999 achieved a successful negotiation that promoted and achieved a consolidation of the brand along with others already established and known.

Although in the beginning the designs were created for the discipline of American football, over time it has already covered and currently sponsors other sports disciplines, unisex, such as baseball, Olympic skaters, rugby, athletics, basketball, boxing, gymnastics, martial arts, skating, swimming, surfing, tennis and athletes in particular.

Under Armour, today is recognized worldwide as one of the best representatives of sportswear and has opened branches of factories and multiple stores in other countries of high economic activity such as Canada, Scotland, and China, in addition to other States of North America. Although the clothes and the accessories throw in the assets of the company great profits, it is the item of the sports footwear, that represents greater sales. Among the policies of the Company created by Kevin Plank is to make donations to sports representatives.

Under Armour is a complete brand, with quality sports articles, which offer the consumer a state of comfort while exercising his body, his products are made with the strictest materials, you will not feel the sweat on your body, nor the heat, nor the fatigue, you will feel that the garment you are wearing is like your own skin, free, hygienic, healthy and fresh, with designs created only for demanding tastes, who knows, what is the quality know Under Armour.