UGG is an American brand of boots made of sheepskin, founded in 1978 on the coast of California by an Australian surfer. In the beginning, the brand was a symbol of the relaxed culture of Southern California, but in 2000 it evolved into elegant and luxurious shoes and boots. Let’s take a chronological walk through the history of a very popular brand in the United States.

In 2003 the brand made an innovation that was an instant success, offering for the first time the classic boots in pastel, blue and pink, which meant an exponential increase in sales.

In 2006, the brand opened its first retail store in Soho, New York, which became the flagship store and where customers had the opportunity to experience first-hand the breadth of its product line. In the same year, he established another store in Japan, which meant the first step towards international expansion. In 2008 it was the turn of China, specifically Beijing, where they opened the first of the 50 stores they have in that country. They also placed a branch in London in the same year.

In 2010 UGG teamed up with the Swarovski Elements company offering custom designs that included crystals and diamonds, looking for icons of style, informal but elegant attitude that represents the essence and inspiration of the products of the brand, in 2011 UGG partnered with Field Marshal Tom Brady.

In 2011, the brand launched its first luxury collection named UGG Collection to the world, fusing traditional sheep’s clothing with the art of Italian shoemaking.

In 2012, UGG opened its first store for men on Fifth Avenue in New York. They added to their list of international expansion to France, in whose capital they placed another store.

During 2013, the brand expanded to the field of home decoration, creating the Home Collection which transmitted comfort with elegance, or what they call “luxury comfort”. It was in this same year that the UGG by You campaign was made, which consisted of a line that offered classic designs, but that could be customized to the consumer’s taste. This customization included thousands of possible combinations of colors, transfers and Swarovski stones. Another of the innovations of that year was the Twinsole initiative of interchangeable insoles, of which the client could choose if he wanted to use traditionally padded insoles or luxury wool insoles.

With the Made in USA collection of 2014, the UGG wanted to celebrate both the manufacturing process and the high-quality materials with which their products were made, which were entirely from the USA. UU It was a demonstration of the best American craftsmanship.

Another success of the company was the I Heart UGG line, dedicated to the new fashionistas of the new generations, glamorous girls who could print their personality in the designs of the line which gave the sensation of exclusivity.

In 2014, the “THIS IS UGG” campaign was launched, dedicated to the most loyal customers of the brand, with the intention that they share their “UGG moments”, a form of communication with their consumers, through the leather boot of most iconic sheep.