Timberland Boots

Timberland Boots

Everything started with a small family business that sought to satisfy the needs of workers mostly in construction areas, using the boots they designed, which are usually quite strong to any rustic activity. Over the years, this company has been transformed into a lifestyle brand for its customers, who tend to be more than all workers, although in recent years the boots of this brand have become quite popular and different types of people they have started to buy it. The yellow boots are an iconic figure for the brand Timberland, from the beginning, they captivated the whole world, as a consequence of their peculiar and striking design.

The origins of the company were in the middle of the last century. The Russian immigrant, Nathan Swartz, worked in a wide variety of businesses dedicated to the shoe trade in Boston. With enough effort, Nathan manages to buy fifty percent of a small shoe company in 1951, the Abintom Shoe Company, years later the owner of the other fifty percent, dies, therefore, Nathan is the total owner, and I give them to his children the option to work in the company.

Abintom Shoe Company was a Boston-based company that manufactured wholesale boots for different stores and discount chains. The footwear industry was characterized by a repetitive price war. Abintom Shoe managed to survive these obstacles thanks to its good prices and its great quality margin of its footwear. One of his biggest innovations was the injection molding that allowed to stick the leather cane from his boots to the sole, in 1965.

This innovation created quite a lot of popularity in the footwear world, which allowed reducing the high costs of sewing by the hand of the soles and made the boots resistant to water. By this time the company had risen notoriously and due to this, they had to move to New Hampshire where the workforce was of better quality and had the necessary requirements. This change increased the income of the company which led to doubling annually between the years 1969 and 1973.

During this time the discount stores contacted the company and informed them that the new waterproof boots with the injection mold sold quite fast what prompted Nathan Swartz to manufacture these new boots with his own brand, the Timberland Boot or in English Timberland Boots.

Nathan met with marketing experts and saw fit to bet on the design and increase the cost of these wonderful boots which was excellent because it fit the new lifestyle of the time. In 1978 the sales of the own brand “Timberland” occupied 80% of the total income. The Swartz family decided to name the company “Timberland” and expand its catalogs and offer other products such as clothing and accessories.

In the mid-1980s, the company’s products began to be imported, first to Italy and months later to other countries in Europe and Asia. In 1994 sales abroad comprised 30% of revenues and its products were sold in 51 countries around the world.

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