Stone Island

Stone Island

It was founded in the early eighties by Massimo Osti, a pretty good graphic designer from Bologna. A while later, Carlo Rivetti an expert in the textile industry, joins the company buying 50%. Continuing with the commitment to research and experimentation for textile innovation of the company’s garment, which is very important aspects, since they are the hallmark of the company with the others.

It all started in 1975 when Carlo Rivetti joined GFT (a clothing company), and brought a new area within the company, to provide something more timeless, sportswear. In 1980 Carlo discovered a company that was characterized by being an innovator in the sports area at the time this company was, CP Company. This company was from TrabaldoTogna and MassimoOsti artist, a graphic designer by profession and art director of the company. First, he bought 50% of the company in 1983, and then the whole company. Carlo left GFT and together with Cristina, his sister, they totally bought the company that is now known as sportswear company.

In 1983 Carlo Rivetti meets Massimo Osti, who was the owner of Stone Island, starting in the textile industry by chance, a year earlier. Because they have many things in common and have good friendships, they became partners. A new fabric with the name of “Tela Stella” came to the company innovating, having different colors on both sides of the fabric, which was used for the canvas of the trucks. This fabric was interesting, but it did not fit very well with CP Company’s textile area. Then Osti, owner of Stone Island, decided to take this fabric and created a collection of jackets with only seven models. This collection was somewhat similar to the military style of today and was inspired by military insignia. The compass that is the company’s logo, symbolizes the love of the sea and a goal of constant research.

Massimo had enough knowledge in the area of ​​fashion, even more than other designers. He saw himself as a fashion producer, not as a fashion designer. His great mind made Stone Island grow not only as a famous company but also as a company that cares about the quality of clothing, supporting all possible wear and tear. This company’s clothing was inspired by the military and all its components.

In the mid-nineties, the company declined a little by not getting someone to design innovative collections that would attract people. In 1994 Carlo met Paul Harvey an English designer who lived in Italy. After this meeting, the company Stone Island prepares for a new era.

Paul designed 24 quite famous collections that increased the company’s income. This left him leading the designs of the company. After 12 years of hard work Paul decides to leave the world of fashion to “dedicate him to the planet”. Carlo built a design team to cover different aspects of fashion with several minds and therefore, with several points of view. And this is all that has been from 2008 to the present.