The world of fashion couture changes dramatically to such an extent that every day we have a different trend this can lead to choosing clothing that gives us an avant-garde style, but at the same time unique, because, although we always follow certain trends and social uses nobody wants to look like another person’s clone becomes increasingly overwhelming.

At present, we no longer use fashion and clothing as simple devices to cover our nakedness, but we want that everything we wear allows us to express to the world, which we are, what our lifestyle is, which ideals move us and create a personal seal.

Previously, people became loyal to a single firm or fashion designer whose creations resembled more who they were, but today that has changed significantly, since in that search to be recognized as unique and unrepeatable the consumer market moves more towards the tendency to combine harmoniously several proposals of world-class designers to achieve that unique look that defines us before the eyes of the world.

This has led to the proliferation of businesses dedicated to the commercialization of a wide variety of designer garments, bringing together in their structure a large number of the most famous brands and designers in the world of fashion.

Such is the case of Stand that was born in 2005 as an online store dedicated specifically to provide garments of the best designer brands in the world for men. In its beginnings, it only had a small selection of the best brands for men, but over time we have been increasing our portfolio of designer brands to bring together more than 60 of the best designer brands.

Among the designer brands you can find Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Religion Clothing, Converse, Superdry, Levi’s, Lacoste, Hype, Ellesse Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, Gant, and much more.

In Stand you can find everything a man needs to create his own style, whatever the same since he has a large selection of designer clothes among which you can find from jeans, shirts, shirts, sweatshirts and even poles, pajamas, underwear and socks, jackets, vests, shorts, chinos, swimsuits, footwear, shoes, and boots. All items are available in a variety of cuts, styles, designs and shapes, sizes, also offers an extensive range of accessories for men, among which stand out: scarves, caps and hats, gloves, wallets, and bags.

With Stand you can have the guarantee that our garments are of the best quality, new and authentic since we buy directly from the designer.

If you need to renew your wardrobe or create a different and original style that perfectly expresses who you visit our online store where you can quickly, comfortably and safely acquire everything you want to renew your style.