Sik Silk

Sik Silk

Sik Silk is a brand of English origin, distinguished by offering modern, casual, unique and individual clothing through online platform (also through other online stores platforms). She specializes in creating clothes that convey individuality, confidence, and creativity. The style of Sik Silk is inspired by street culture, specifically the United States, Japan and Great Britain because its creators are young people who come from each of these places.

The brand defines itself as a stylized combination of sportswear with “streetwear”, inspired by the best athletes in the world, as well as in the increasingly popular culture of streetwear, which is widely accepted in the young population globally. The style combines sports colors, fresh and retro styles, with striking prints and worn out garments, with a youthful but inclusive air, from many sizes to different styles. More than a brand, Sik Silk seeks to become a lifestyle, they want to be the badge of a cultural movement in which young people are always active, play sports, be creative and can wear what they wear as a symbol of unique personality and identity that transmits strength.

In their collections you can find vests, jackets, polo shirts, shorts, T-shirts, large shirts, many of the designs include graphics that reflect that urban influence. Since the brand does not have physical stores, in its web space, they offer customers all the advice in their purchases, ensuring that they are satisfied with the models, but especially with the sizes, which is usually one of the main problems to the Time to buy online. For this, all its product catalogs include a detailed size guide.

According to the testimony of its own creators, SikSilk was born simply from the passion that everyone shared for fashion. It all started in 2012, when a group of friends, each of whom had studied fashion design, decided to revolutionize the world of fashion with their designs. Originally they conceived the brand as casual clothes for boys, but they have already included the ladies in their catalog. The main influences at the time of creating the garments are the music, the graphic design, and the underground culture.

The tailoring of the collections is based on traditional British tailoring, thanks to which, they only use high-quality materials (such as organic cotton) and elaborate a meticulous work, in which they include in an appropriate and attractive way for all their customers, the riskiest tendencies of youth culture that they appreciate so much.

The trousers and jackets are inspired by the urban culture and transmit airs of rebelliousness but without ceasing to be very sophisticated, a common feature in each of their designs.

The company phrase: “The interpretation of SikSilk depends on the client, it is not what other people think, it is an individual statement”.

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