River Island

River Island

When we talk about fashion, we think of thousands of things we would like to buy, we never think about how a brand was born or how we created it, let alone think about the origin, and even less imagine that a greengrocer could become an important fashion brand as it is today RIVER ISLAND. The history goes back to 1.948 when the Englishman Bernar Lewis started selling fruit; surely he did not think that many years later he would become a brand with more than 350 stores in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Asia, Middle East and Europe, and 6 places online web, who ship merchandise to more than one hundred countries around the world. Starting in 2015, they entered Latin markets, reaching Peru and Chile with five more stores.

RIVER ISLAND is style, a British brand conquering more and more European territory thanks to its online store, and with a view to becoming the first chain boutique of UK. River Island has not bothered to follow any particular style, which makes it a center of comfortable and creative designs, a space that sells garments adjusted to new trends.

The English firm River Island is aimed at fashion by launching collections where designs, quality, and detail are protagonists, always hand in hand with talented collaborators such as illustrator Margot Bowman, jeweler Dominic Jones, among others.

In River Island, you can find daring mixtures of prints and colors, where denim mixes with the point and baroque style party dresses, which is a hallmark of the brand.

River Island each year is renewed, presenting stylish garments in its various collections, such as spring-summer, creating youthful and original styles for girls seeking to get out of the ordinary with more timeless and daring garments, highlighting silk or cotton in colors, they opt for the mix of sober colors such as black, white, orange, which go very well with the tanned shade of summer. And for the autumn-winter season, the casual styling mixed with elegant touches, such as jackets suits, long-cut cloth coats, and knee-high boots.

River Island knows that fitness life is increasingly trending, so they have launched the active wear line, which includes jackets, skinny pants, shorts, vests, quilted vests, polar linings, and hooded ponchos, focusing on their compliance with technical needs, in addition to focusing on fashion, with ergonomic designs that fit the body, taking care to adapt to the aesthetics of River Island, as are the strong prints and vibrant colors.

If you are one of those who intends to find clothing different from the rest, without spending a lot of money it is the time that you visit our stores and website where you will find the most chic for any season and occasion in our complete and colorful catalog.

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