Protecting yourself from the incidence of solar rays goes beyond fashion, nowadays it is a real necessity to subtract the impacts generated by sun exposure during the day, doing your job, practicing some sport or simply doing the day’s activities day.

It has been verified by scientific studies that the results of excessive exposure or without adequate protection trigger serious damage to people’s health. At present, adopting mechanisms to protect against sunlight is not a luxury; it is a need that goes beyond fashion. However, when we make the decision to protect ourselves, we must also choose between the best of the best that guarantees a product of excellent quality and maximum durability if we decide to make such a serious investment.

There are many lens manufacturers in the market but it is a challenge to find the one that suits our personal needs and tastes. That’s why there is Ray-Ban, an American company that designs and manufactures sunglasses, and was created in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb. Actually for the date begins to be called Ray-Ban that means “barrier against the rays”, leaving behind his first name Anti Glare that means “anti-glare” and for which he was not so recognized.

Ray-Ban creates the first lens of the sun for the North American aviation, the pilots of the air force needed to protect themselves of the direct incidence of the solar rays during the flights since every time they flew the airplanes to a greater height, the reason why they needed besides protection, ensure a wide and completely clear visibility. This lens was called Ray-Ban Aviator Large, they are also popularly called green lenses. These lenses were designed specifically for pilots but then they were used by all the military.

Later he launched a similar model aimed at specific sectors of sport, very similar to the original but smaller in size and in various colors, called “Little Aviator” and in a short time was within the reach of the general public, with the best-selling lens out of the North American air force.

Since then Ray-Ban has gained popularity and preference for his sunglasses, standing out for creating designs to meet real needs of different sectors, such as sports and for outdoor activities such as hunting and exposure to fog, applying new technologies that allow a good vision and greater solar protection.

In the decade of the 40s, the fame of Ray-Ban grows, and their lenses were used as any other garment and fashion accessory by great Hollywood figures, for outdoor shootings became almost indispensable. However, the main objective of Ray-Ban is to design lenses with a protective purpose and not as a fashion item.

However Ray-Ban is always in constant growth, during years of innovation has incorporated plastic frames, is this one of the most sold until today, since the 70s offers graduated lenses for every need, and a variety of designs that they keep it in full force and vanguard.