Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

He is a prestigious fashion designer and American businessman who became known internationally for his famous clothing brand named Polo Ralph Lauren that was born as a fashion firm specializing in men’s clothing.

Ralph Lauren initially studied economics at the City College of Manhattan and then worked as a salesman for a necktie manufacturer, where he found inspiration to create his own line of ties opening his first store in 1967, but it is not until a year later that Ralph Lauren was his first full line of gentlemen where his star product was the English cut neck shirts and which he called Polo Ralph Lauren being the same Ralph who made the delivery of their products to stores that were he requested it. A year after Bloomingdale’s department store sold the entire Polo Ralph Lauren men’s collection; it was the first time in its history that this establishment gave a designer the privilege of having their own boutique in the store. It is not until 1971 that Ralph also creates a women’s line.

The Ralph Lauren designs are distinguished by harmoniously combining the classic style of the Americans, with European elegance and sensibility creating a unique style of great elegance and very bold.

Over the years, the Ralph Lauren brand has been expanding all over the world becoming one of the most prestigious and internationally recognized exclusive brands, and at the same time, it has diversified its range of products.

Currently, the Ralph Lauren Firm has a line of men, women, and children also have a line of design items for the home and another responsible for creating fragrances, sunglasses and a variety of accessories that undoubtedly arcan trend in the fashion world.

Ralph is also entering the era of smart clothes, with the New York Tennis tournament being the test stage that the firm has chosen to show its new creation. The Polo Tech shirt, a compression shirt equipped with the biometric technology of OMSignal, able to communicate with our iPhone and thus provide us with real-time information about our breathing, heart rate and activity, the one chosen to wear the new Ralph Lauren shirt is the tennis player Marcos Girón.

With the passage of time, the Polo brand has managed to spread to every corner of the world, but always maintaining its exclusivity and elegance; characterized to the present, to design for all types of ages and gender. For example, within the man brands we have “Black Label”, “Polo Ralph Lauren”, “RLX” and “Purple Label”; for women, there are “Black Label”, “Blue Label”, “Lauren”, “Pink Pony”, “RLX” and the Haute Couture collection that is presented each new season.

It is clear that the secret of this prestigious firm derives from the great ability of Ralph Lauren to adapt and evolve at the same time his talent and ability to anticipate the dizzying changes the new technologies make him an avant-garde entrepreneur who adjusts his production to the needs of the environment and especially the segment of the population to which it is addressed.

That is why the products of Ralph Lauren is always a safe and secure investment that will bring not only elegance and style to our way of dressing but also great functionality.

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