Puma Suede

Puma Suede

If you are a lover of light and comfortable footwear but at the same time resistant, durable, of maximum quality and performance. If you have a unique taste, if you practice a particular discipline or are passionate about sports or extreme activities, you know the best sports shoe in the world “Puma”.

The feline brand, better known as Puma, was born as a shoe factory called Gebrûder Dassler Shuhfabrik created by two German brothers Rudolf “Rudy” Dassler and Adi Dassler in the 1920s. Soon after, a disagreement arose between the brother’s point of occasion the rupture of the relationship so much commercial as personal.

Rudolf Dassler later creates a company that he named RUDA, by the initial syllables of his first and last name (Rudolf-Dassler), but on October 1 in 1948 he changed the name and registered the mark of the feline, which until today we know as Puma. He wanted to do it in order to represent the character of the company; his tenacity, confidence, initiative, and dedication. The logo appears from the year 1968.

Since its inception, Puma has conquered great and well-known successes through all the distinction it achieves with its designs. The quality of the Puma footwear enjoys the predilection of highly competitive athletes of the most demanding disciplines and of the most famous celebrities and stars of the sport.

Puma not only designs the best footwear but is constantly developing advances to achieve improved versions. Puma covers the widest range of exclusive designs of the highest technology especially for the football discipline, applying all the techniques to achieve one of its objectives; stabilize the foot comfortably and safely inside a shoe. But it does not stop there; this firm has managed to be part of athletic teams that have been named champions in Olympiads and competitions using the most revolutionary technologies of the brand. It has also happened in basketball, tennis, golf, Formula 1 racing, surfing, and it was known that near its beginnings it also came to design booties for those who practiced bullfights.

The multiple creations, mostly not to mention all of them, have been famous, and have been the cause of commotion due to their preference. There is always a great demand for the brand and this does not escape one of the most famous models in the history of Puma, it is the Puma Suede created in 1968 made of leather and rubber sole that like other models have been evolving materials, getting a footwear more comfortable and lighter but keeping its quality and high performance. This model gained fame thanks to Tommie Smith athlete who won the 200 meters with these shoes at the Olympics in Mexico. Five years later professional basketball player Clyde Frazier was the inspiration to create a new version of Suede. The use of this model expands in the eighties when the boys began to use them in break dances and now this icon reappears to continue providing quality and more urban comfort.

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