Pull and Bear

Pull and Bear

Pull and Bear is part of the Textile Industry Anonymous society, a Spanish multinational company, born as a brand in the year of 1991, with the purpose of dressing the young man and woman, with a relaxed attitude, free spirit, without stereotypes that are guided by the trend of fashion clubs and street currents; One of the strategies that as a brand has been key in the rapid development of Pull and Bear is mainly the simple and comfortable way of their designs and the accessibility in the matter of prices of the garments. It has approached the fashion world to that segment of the population that before the birth of the brand, did not even think about following any kind of trend.

The growth of the brand in this segment of the market has been dizzying and has remained constant throughout these almost three decades, thanks to a renewal of the team of designers since it has always kept its eyes on what is the interest of young people over the years.

The Pull and Bear collections of both ladies and gentlemen have lines differentiated according to age; collections are presented for the adolescent segment group, which is the most sporting and informal clothing with sweatshirts, t-shirts, jeans, shorts, caps, and with cotton as the main fabric.

Meanwhile, there is another line aimed at more adult men and women, usually faithful followers of the brand since its inception; For them, the brand has created garments inspired by the latest international trends to use both day and night, and both to take to work and to use in their free time. This line adapts these tendencies to the needs of the clients, relaxing them and converting them into practical and easy to wear garments.

Apart from the clothing collections, the Pull and Bear brand has been expanding into complementary pieces of clothing such as footwear lines, accessories, costume jewelry, fragrances, wallets, bow ties, purses, caps, accessories for smartphones and sunglasses.

One of the key features of Pull and Bear garments are natural materials such as wool, cotton, linen; in unicolor tones and in funny and different prints, t-shirts alluding to music and television characters that have been icons of a generation; all according to the segment of the population to which it is directed; always maintaining the premise that comfort and originality are not negotiable. Regarding the style of the shoe line, the trends mark the season of the year, whether sneakers (extremely comfortable in colors and shades and uncommon), boots and booties (with metallic details of rings and eyelets); always characterized by that irreverent and carefree style that is the hallmark of the Pull and Bear brand