Paul Smith

Paul Smith

It is not about a brand or a super company, it is about an artist from the world of fashion, a face that transmitted its ideas towards the world of clothing and translated them into elegance and innovation, with differentiating factors marked by any other designer. Everything designed under the name Paul Smith represents the hard work and inspiration of an artist who transmits his feeling and his way of being through clothing, the vision of Paul Smith was to bring to the market contemporaneity, with different colors and totally bold combinations, imagine the Paul Smith as a canvas and his ideas are the spectacular finish of modern and fresh cuts in high fashion clothing.

Paul Smith specializes in men’s clothing innovation, bringing controversial ideas to the world of tailoring and completely changing the paradigm of the elegance of the suits worn by men. For Paul Smith individualism was very important, each design should be one more different than the other and one more modern than the other leaving, Paul Smith’s vision is to never stand out and innovate in the fashion world, so that each that a design Paul Smith is being carried on if a piece that was not found in any other designer shop.

Paul Smith applies his policy of individualism to everything he does, including Paul Smith stores are different from each other, this designer seeks that his name is expressed in all possible ways but each time it is expressed in a unique way and different. In the world of fashion is also known for giving a personal touch to his designs, in the beginning, did not use or contract any of his assistants to boot in the world of fashion, were his own friends and partners who helped him to present his ideas.

Among the designs that made this brand jump to fame, we have the shirts, his futuristic vision of fashion led him to implement ideas of peace and positivism in his designs, among the most famous shirts are the symbol of the peace and the rainbows. The brand Paul Smith was one of the first to introduce the prints and fabrics to the shirts, this allowed him to give a more modern and contemporary touch to his designs, as well as giving him total freedom when designing his shirts they wore from a plate of food, even a pattern of a toy.

Paul Smith has always focused on designing men’s clothing, the idea was to highlight all the elegant clothes with homogeneous cuts and turn them into fresh and innovative designs, it was not until the 90’s that Paul Smith decided to start designing clothes for women, launches its first collection replicating the same controversial ideas about women’s clothing.