Nike Trainers

Nike Trainers

Nike has been equipping all the athletes of the world for years, it is a brand specialized in manufacturing and making any sports equipment without skipping any sector of the sport, the innovative brand of the world and the one preferred by high-performance athletes as their products with their elegant designs are the most adaptable and resistant, this is the favorite brand of athletes because Nike products resist large amounts of stress and strength.

For anyone is a mystery that Nike is everywhere in the world its introduction to the market was not as simple as you think, had to compete with the large mass producers who came from the Asian continent and that was not an easy task, they managed to discover the weaknesses in design and directly attack the needs of the athlete that at the time was the improvement of the performance, comfort, and resistance of the footwear, all these factors were those that made Nike the biggest competitor at present among sports equipment suppliers of all the world.

The etymology of the word Nike is derived from the Greek meaning “victory”, the manufacturers of Nike in its beginnings never sought to make a product that was elegant, the innovator of Nike was its design and its manufacturing material, which in its moment  called the attention of the athletes because they found a light and resistant product that allowed them to go beyond their limits, Nike’s innovation was to grant the athlete a better redeeming when using the sports equipment, the Nike achievement was give prominence to sports facilities within the sport. Nike has approximately 500 stores throughout the world and is located in those of 40 countries and its headquarters is located in the United States

The company Nike has been in constant evolution, they started mainly manufacturing sports shoes, but the demand of the world of sports in the 80’s and 90’s was of such impact that forced the company to evolve and expand its catalog of products, They encompassed the market in such a way that the company had to create other brands within its own company so that the brutal demand could be covered with normality. Nike owns more than 10 footwear brands where it introduces products manufactured under the Nike policy but with totally different names.

The rise of the Nike brand allowed it not only to become the brand most used by highly redeeming athletes, but also entered the advertising market, television, has even appeared in the world of Cinema, not knowing the Nike brand is almost impossible because you will found in every sector of the world of sports and is one of the largest companies in the world with multimillion-dollar profits. For Nike, the most important thing is to cover the entire market of the world of sport and influence all areas of it.

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