Nike Roshe Run

Nike Roshe Run

We can begin by talking about a famous brand of sportswear worldwide that began in the decade of the sixties by the athletic trainer of the University of Oregon Bill Bowerman and who has been a student and part of his team, Phil Knight.

Driven by the passion that both gathered for this sport, focused on finding in all possible ways a shoe that would help improve the performance of athletes during the race, both decide to join and create a society that they called Blue Ribbon Sports with the one that initially was in charge of distributing the sports shoes of a Japanese company called Tiger. By 1964 they had managed to sell their first order of 300 shoes.

The company began to grow but both owners consistently with their goal of going after the search for perfect footwear for athletics runners, they continued performing tests in order to improve and delegated functions of the company to another passionate athletics, to Jeff Jhonson who was responsible for developing and implementing systems for the distribution and sales of such and gave the name of Nike. So finally decided to stop being intermediaries and begin to become manufacturers.

Nike, the brand recognized by its logo of the winged Goddess of victory, would be recognized hundreds of kilometers by many followers worldwide.

The first shoe created by Nike was shown during athletic events in Oregon City in 1972.

In the decade of the eighties offers the public a technological innovation in their footwear as it was sole with air capsule that they called Nike Air. In 1986 he created a design for who was still a rookie of the NBA Michael Jordan, this was the image that definitely boosted the brand to stratospheric levels that led to placing competitive marketplaces in the global market. Both created a unique image that allowed them to be located in an important place of the GDP of the United States.

Nike keeps permanently generating strategies to always maintain a leading position in the sports products market, it always has an important participation in tournaments, competitions, world championships of many sports and specializes in promoting campaigns of new product collections.

For decades Nike continues to expand in order to cover more sports disciplines, not only provides footwear but specialized clothing and accessories for different disciplines. Nike is one of the brands that guarantees you that you acquire a good product.

He recently decided to re-launch his Nike Roshe Run model, classic running shoes that over time have taken on a very stylish role for fans who have decided to combine them with their casual attire to suit each person. It is a very light footwear, comfortable and simple so it looks with many outfits, comes in different striking colors and prints, which make it a unique design with organic colored soles. This eye-catching model designed by Dylan Raasch today will once again take center stage in Nike sportswear.

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