Nike Free Run

Nike Free Run

Nike is a multinational company of American origin that is dedicated to the design, manufacture, and marketing of all kinds of sporting goods among which we can highlight footwear, sweatshirts, tracksuits, shorts, shirts, sports equipment and a host of accessories.

You could say that Nike is one of the most important suppliers of sports equipment in the world, being its main competitor, Adidas.

It was founded in 1964 by the sportsman Philip Hampson Knight as a factory of more sports shoes however over the years it has been diversifying its portfolio of products dedicated to make and market all kinds of equipment and sportswear, accessories and even its own fragrance for ladies, gentlemen, and children.

Currently, Nike owns more than 500 locations worldwide and offices in 45 countries outside the United States.

Nike is a sponsor of hundreds of athletes in all sports disciplines among which we can highlight: Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, Michael Jordan, Manny Pacquiao, Tiger Woods, Neymar, Robert Federer, Ronaldo among others, has also been a sponsor of soccer teams such as FC Barcelona, ​​Atlético de Madrid, AS Monaco, Atlético Nacional, Boca Juniors, San Lorenzo de Almagro, Paris Saint-Germain, Inter Milan, Manchester City, Club Alianza Lima, Club Libertad, Zenit St. Petersburg, Corinthians , International of Porto Alegre, Club America are just some of them, likewise it has been dedicated to sponsoring major sporting events such as the Australian Tennis Open, the Panamanian Basketball League and the Tour de France, among others.

As indicated in previous paragraphs Nike has a wide range of sports products but today we will focus on the Nike Free Run line. Nike has been characterized throughout its history by its versatility and ability to adapt to changes in the needs of consumers of sporting goods, investing a lot of effort in the innovation of its products and developing new technologies is how Nike was born Free Run a shoe created with the latest technology that incorporates a new geometry in the sole that makes the shoe not only flex but expand and contract with your foot at every step.

The new Nike Free Run shoe has a midsole that expands in several directions to provide a more dynamic movement, its heel has an anatomical shape that slides like silk on the ground which gives a natural amplitude to the movement, the same form has a new soft foam that provides a extraordinarily comfortable cushioning with the new Nike Free Run shoe you will feel that you fly, it’s made with the most exquisite quality materials makes you feel that the shoe is part of your foot. If you like running Nike Free Run is without a doubt the best alternative for you, try them you will not regret it.

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