The business world is very broad and the fashion market is also extremely versatile, every company dedicated to offering goods and services has as its primary objective to achieve high profitability and profits. For this, these companies apply different strategies to gain followers and increase their sales.

In such a fast-paced world where people demand fast and efficient, economic and quality services, companies from different fields make valuable investments to meet these demands of the public.

For Next it is very important that you can buy your products from the comfort of your home, without having to move to the physical store if you do not want at any time.

Next is a British multinational firm and has a chain of stores that is responsible for marketing clothing for women, men, children and household products. It started its activities in February 1982 and its main headquarters are in Enderby, Leicestershire.

Currently, Next has 500 stores only in the United Kingdom and Ireland and 200 more stores, which are distributed throughout continental Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Next is the retail store that sells the most, which places it in one of the most competitive places as the most profitable brand in the UK as an indicator on the London Stock Exchange.

To reach this level in Next, not only are they dedicated to designing and marketing clothing lines for women, men, children and home accessories, to the best contemporary creative style, but their products maintain a clear quality-value relationship that allows them to be the brand most bought by the public. In addition to this in Next has always been a priority to stay within reach of its customers; since 1988, he has made catalog sales available to the public so that everyone can make their orders by mail, offering the extensive line of products.

Then in 1999, he started selling online keeping his vision of home sales but now covering a wider market with followers from all over the world, for the moment it was one of the first stores in the United Kingdom to implement this sales system by the Internet.

Next, being in permanent improvement of customer service is part of its main policies as a company, investing valuable efforts to maintain a good commercial sense that has kept them close to their followers for decades.

Promotes offers and home delivery services that have been a very stimulating initiative for buyers, who place their order before midnight, the delivery service is free the next day, in addition to making inquiries and online payments for convenience and security.

Of course, customers also have the freedom to search or return their products in different stores whenever they wish, however, Next has created a new personal delivery service in the case of purchases of very large items, offering services on the weekends so that now you do not have to worry about it.

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