New Balance

New Balance

Today we are going to know a bit about a company that unlike other brands and companies in the world, has been characterized by staying in the first places without having to use the now conventional advertising and marketing methods.

We refer to the emblem brand of the runners around the world, New Balance.

In 1906, William J. Rice, a 33-year-old British man who emigrated to Boston in the United States, created the brand that was named after the New Balance Arch Support Company, since his focus was to design a footwear with characteristics ergonomic, a design with a template that offered a support at the height of the arch of the foot providing three points of support to alleviate the pain suffered by the American working class. It continues to develop during the first decades who we now know as New Balance.

In 1930 he launched his first shoe created exclusively for the Boston Brown Bag Harriers Club.

During the decade of the 60s, in 1961 he created the first footwear he called Trackster; an ultralight shoe especially for running with a novel design of supports in the sole and the innovation of sizes to the width of the foot, particularity that to this day continues to characterize New Balance.

This design expanded rapidly, as many teams from the universities of Boston implemented it as the official footwear for their teams, a situation that was quickly imitated by other teams around the United States, making it the best advertising strategy that allowed the sales of this model to increase drastically and quickly.

In 1972 an entrepreneur named Jim Davis acquired the company and gave him a boost that allowed him to go from being a small craft factory with 6 workers that produced about 30 pairs of shoes per day, to be the great company that is the pair of the largest worldwide, retaining its exclusivity with designs that are assembled in its factories distributed in the United Kingdom and the United States. This has been the case up to the present day, without the need to resort to methods employed by other competitive brands such as the economic workforce of China or India.

In the decade of the 70, it receives recognition with the model 320, a shoe used in the different disciplines of the athletics, cataloged like the best shoe to run, changing definitely the history of New Balance.

Not satisfied with that, in 1982 offers the 990 model that managed to sell for more than $ 100 a pair, becoming an unprecedented event around the world.

New Balance is a brand whose principles are based on truly valuable pillars such as quality, commitment and one of the most relevant; fair trade. Because although there have been many important celebrities from both sport and other areas worldwide that have used and prefer a New Balance, this company does not apply these advertising methods to images to promote their products.

In New Balance, the motto is: “If you have a New Balance, it is because you have bought it and not because we have given it to you so that you can promote us”.