The exclusive MONCLER brand, which owes its name to the abbreviation of the French town of Monastier de Clermor, were the precursors in the manufacture of mountain items, which later became only utilitarian pieces for mountaineers and ordinary citizens in icy areas and in the winter seasons (at first it was an exclusive brand for the male segment of the population), but they bet that the brand would have great success in everyday life. Since then the brand has become an icon in the making of jackets, parkas, and sweaters; maintaining its quality, and the principle that saw them born as it was the quest to keep users warm and well wrapped.

It is at the beginning of the year 2003 when the Italian textile entrepreneur Remo Ruffini, decides to acquire the brand and re-launch it with a more international and inclusive style in which the brand starts to develop products for the female segment of the population, while maintaining the same key values ​​such as lightness, warmth, elegance, travel, use function and easy to transport; with this I managed to refloat the Moncler product and position it in the highest spheres of fashion and trend in winter clothing.

This new alliance has come to represent a breath of fresh air for the brand; for example in the male segment; the new lines of jackets in cuts that bring to the present the classic cuts that distinguish the garments made and very used in the eighties, but redesigned with a contemporary style very much in the international style; The stuffed jackets are made with top quality materials resistant to both water and low temperatures and breathable, which has become key pieces of clothing both in the practice of winter sports and in cities during the season, the design of the pockets towards the sides of the jackets and the variants like the main closures at an angle and placed asymmetrically have also given a touch of joviality and modernity to the final product.

With regard to the Moncler brand in the female segment of the population, we must with this new alliance, in the search for new markets that will revitalize the brand and give it a new economic boost; This new line of jackets with thermal padding was created, but more stylized in the quest to show the figure of the woman, so they also designed garments with the same principle of coat but mostly overcoat and dressed with long zippers to the front, very tight to the body with hoods with edges of skin and feathers to give a more chic touch and a very feminine look.

Another market that has also been approached by the brand is thermal pants, breathable and waterproof pants with current designs of a rather sporty type that combine very well with the characteristic jackets of the brand.

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