Luke 1977

Luke 1977

It was always thought that everything that has to do with fashion was the sole concern of women. Be well dressed, presentable, with adornments and well combined, was a feminine subject, because the men were rougher, did not need to preen themselves too much to be well dressed. It seemed that the fashion was made for the ladies, there was more variety of forms, colors, and combinations in skirts of different sizes, blouses with or without sleeves, dresses, and shorts, long, mid-calf, pieces with necklines or complete, etc.

In short, there is a world of possibilities in the manufacture of clothing for this genre, while for gentlemen the options are less numerous. In the fashion shows, they took pains to show only the part for the females.

In the mid-twentieth century, the garment industry began to include men in their collections, reaching what was known as unisex fashion, which meant that the models were the same for men and women, could be used without distinction flannels, jackets, shirts and a certain type of pants such as jeans. At this time the designers took a new path in this vast landscape.

It began to unify the fashion and at the same time diversified in several ways, because the challenge arose to create clothing that could use both sexes, without each lost the attributes that corresponded. The pieces should be delicate but not so much, have the body and character of men, that is, had to cover both ends.

From there, there was a change in the elaboration, design, and manufacture of garments. There were new designers and excellent entrepreneurs who gave a different strength to the industry, reinforcing the thrust that already had and expanding the field of work, which created stores with the unisex style, by the way, much sought after by youth and people who wanted to be comfortable.

It was the perfect opportunity for innovation and the renaissance of fashion. In the year 2001, it opened its doors to the United Kingdom public Luke Store 1977, this clothing brand was created by Luke Roper, who at a very young age started to make flannels and T-shirt For his closest friends, having the vision of creating clothes for men and counting on the acceptance of his family environment, he decided to prepare for this new world. He began studies in the area culminating his preparation at the age of 20, acquiring magnificent knowledge that together with his innate skill resulted in a successful brand. In its beginnings with Simon and Deborah Poolese they focused on making clothes only for men, becoming a point of reference, both in their country of origin and throughout Europe.

The perseverance and determination to achieve their longing are bearing fruit for more than 15 years. Availing of current technologies, Luke 1977 has a virtual store where you can buy any model of your extensive collection; shipments are made to all of Europe with the guarantee of delivery in record time.