Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

In the world of fashion, it is difficult to make a name. Many factors influence to be able to maintain themselves over time in the industry, competition is excessive and it is a constant challenge race that is based on innovation, quality, and publicity that is given to the product. There are brands that have endured in the history of fashion thanks to the effort and vision of its creators. Generally, they are family businesses that have continued with the project from generation to generation and have strengthened the dream of their ancestors.

This is the case of a visionary named Louis Vuitton, who started a brand more than 150 years ago and is still a reference internationally. Born in France in 1821, this entrepreneur opened a store selling bags for the year 1854 in Paris. Struggling every day to innovate and facilitate the task of making a baggage, he dedicated himself to making suitcases, all kinds of trunks, very used in those times to make long trips and to store things at home and bags of unbeatable finishes, finished with elegant details, resistant to the use and of materials of good quality, like leather and canvas that gave the product a lot of durability.

For decades he kept his style becoming a tradition, which led him to be among the best suitcase manufacturers, obtaining in 1867 recognition in Paris, where he was awarded the Bronze Medal for his excellence. His expansion outside France begins in 1885 when opening a branch in the city of Londres. The company grew thanks to his perseverance and commitment, continuing with his legacy his children and grandchildren who have always been in the management of the company, making alliances and hiring of great importance to continue with his role, as the partnership with Moët Hennessy in 1989 to give more strength and variety to the collections, later joins the North American designer Marc Jacobs, who brings a huge amount of news that contribute to the growth of the Louis Vuitton brand.

The company changed its Creative Director with the integration to the work team of Nicolas Ghesquière, who since 2015 becomes part of this famous brand, with the collaboration of renowned artists and creators, launching new lines and collections of handbags and portfolios preserving their touch of class and good taste and dabbling in the world of footwear, creating true works of art and preserving the brown tones that have characterized him.

In its parades, a display of excellence and distinction takes the unmistakable stamp with the LV logo, a symbol of the brand since its inception. The advertising carried out by this company is very extensive; nowadays it is in the most important cities of the world. He has fundamental participation in international fashion events, its parades are high level, the models who wear their creations are very famous, there are many movie celebrities who use and endorse this brand making it the best choice to be always elegant.