Larsson and Jennings

Larsson and Jennings

When we mention terms of precision, we think of accuracy, punctuality or a mechanism of rigor. When we need something we begin to value the time, and when we refer to time we think in a clock.

For many people, the use of the watch is a fashion accessory that complements the style of dress, for many others, it is a luxury and for others, it is a necessity, a key piece that adapts to their lifestyle, needs, and personal interests.

There is a universe of watchmaking brands that offer a wide spectrum of models to attract more followers, but not all watchmakers design an assembly system with strict art and precision. Larsson and Jennings; is a Swiss watch brand with an important influence of its London and Stockholm origins, which have decided to put into practice innovative processes for the design and manufacture of watches with the best quality and style.

Larsson and Jennings is a brand created in 2012, and since then it has been distributed through a wide network in more than 100 luxury boutiques and also has its own stores in the city of London.

The design unit of Larsson and Jennings has built a close and important relationship with the best suppliers of parts and components of the best quality to create the best watch that you can use every day. The primary attribute of this company is to guarantee the quality of the finished product, and as a premise to meet a 5-year guarantee, the company submits all the watches to a strict process of quality control, which allows verifying a perfect operation before to be offered to the public.

At Larsson and Jennings, the whole process is taken very seriously, from the design sketch, the selection of the materials, the assembly and the finishing. For this, they have the human resource specialist and highly trained to achieve the art and precision desired in each piece.

This company makes investments in raw materials of the highest quality and range, in the offer of its catalogs we can find a wide variety of designs ranging from the most classic for daily use, to the most elegant and sophisticated, all designed with originality, style and quality with materials such as jewels and precious stones such as ruby or sapphire stones, quartz crystals in the components of the internal parts, apply special coatings with gold and 18-carat rose gold baths, titanium bath, Physical Deposition of Steam to guarantee the durability of the piece, use different fabrics and materials for the belts that come from countries like Italy, Great Britain and Switzerland, and the metal ones made of stainless steel to guarantee its durability and resistance to work and daily wear but without lose its aesthetic value. They also use suede belts, Italian bovine leather that is treated to turn them into waterproof and washable straps that are more resistant and durable.