Jack Wills

Jack Wills

It is a company created in 1999, by Peter Williams and Robert Shaw, originally aimed at the market of university students, its source of direct inspiration were the great universities, not only of the United Kingdom, but of the whole world such as Oxford, or Cambridge, in fact the appearance of the Jack Wills pieces is based on the mixture of basic products that are widely used by students, such as; jeans, hoodies and shirts, jumpers and some accessories, etc.

The target that uses its products belongs to the group of young people from 16 to 24 years old, for that reason the Jack Willians products are directed more than anything at students of schools and Universities and for that reason many of its stores can be found in university cities.

Its stores operate in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, and Hong Kong.

You can also make orders through the internet and therefore offer shipments to Europe, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

The Jack Williams products can be identified by their logo consisting of a pheasant with a cap and a cane.

Jack Willians tailors all his collections with the highest quality materials, and employing the most innovative sewing techniques developed the perfect blend of the old and the new. Making your pieces are very durable.

Jack Willians produces feminine and masculine clothes. The brand has advanced in terms of its designs and has changed towards a more refined and personalized appearance.

For the ladies Jack Wills has different proposals, all of them fabulous in each one of their different collections, where we find dresses for the night of dreams, where the lady wearing her dress looks elegant and sophisticated, dressed for the day they are a beauty, in this style we highlight the floral collection where the dresses and skirts printed the beautiful flowers of the English gardens, the sweaters, and the sweatshirts are made with materials that give a high degree of softness, as well as with coats made for cold climates made with first quality fabric, and designed to withstand the strong climatic elements, as far as ladies’ nightwear and running clothing are made with high quality fabrics, perfect to keep you warm and look fabulous, in this area you can find from leggings, long pants, and shorts to sleep and relax while you are asleep, also with a color palette that allows maximum versatility when it comes to putting together a set.

In addition, Jack Wills has a beautiful line of accessories in which we can find from cushions, sheets, nice blankets for the sofa to cups or cases for the Ipad.

Jack Wills is considered one of the fastest growing retailers in the United Kingdom, one of his great achievements is having won the coveted Fast Track Best Brand Award for two consecutive years.