Jack & Jones

Jack & Jones

JACK & JONES is a design brand that was founded in 1990 specialized in clothes for young men. At that time, JACK & JONES sent a young man to the fashion fair in Oslo with a small, but carefully selected collection aimed at a young audience, the collection was a huge success at the event and the creation of a new clothing masculine firm an irrefutable fact. Its beginnings were the Jeans which still remains its main strength. Over the years JACK & JONES is emerging as one of the most recognized brands in the world of Jeans and rapidly expanding to have hundreds of stores.

Today JACK & JONES is one of the most important Jeans producers in Europe with a presence in more than 38 countries and thousands of partners around the world who sell their creations.

Although Jeans is undoubtedly still its flagship product, JACK & JONES has diversified its fashion proposal, which is still exclusively aimed at the masculine gender, but which is currently represented by five unique brands designed by a wide range of brands, the range of independent designers printing their own style and design concept in each of them. Each of the lines offers a wide range of clothing, footwear and accessories able to meet the style of any type of man at any time among its lines we can mention JACK & JONES VINTAGE CLOTHING specializing in the production of Jeanswear inspired by the fashion of the twentieth century masterfully combining the historical with the innovative, resulting in excellent quality garments with a vintage touch so fashionable in our days.

Then we have JACK & JONES PREMIUM whose creations have a marked Scandinavian trend dedicated to the manufacture of luxury garments based on a fusion between contemporary minimalism and classic elegance always made with the highest quality materials.

On the other hand, JACK & JONES TECH is a line of sportswear that mixes the best performance with a casual style which makes it the best bet for multifunctional sportswear.

JACK & JONES FOOTWEAR is a line of footwear with creations adapted to any style with an avant-garde touch and specially designed for each moment proposing footwear of irrefutable quality and trend.

This is only 4 of the 6 lines that today represent the brand JACK & JONES that have been specially designed to give a fashion proposal to the male gender in each of the many facets of his life, always offering a garment of the finest quality, very competitive prices affordable for young people and contemporary adults alike.

All this and much more make JACK & JONES the best fashion bet for the man of to

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