ILLAMASQUA is a British brand of cult cosmetics that was founded by Julian Kynaston, Alex Box, and musicians David Vanian and Anja Huwe in November 2008.

The brand has grown steadily since its creation and has come to be considered one of the fastest growing brands in the world of cosmetics.

The cult cosmetics are products that are outside the mass distribution, they are only sold in specialized stores and their excellent quality and exclusivity have turned them into elite products.

In cult cosmetics bioactive and high technologies are the premise, for its manufacture are used superorganic or biological ingredients with the last generation technology and that is also respectful of the skin and the environment, do not use chemicals that can be irritating or perfumes, also its composition in the active ingredients is so high that only a very small amount is needed to obtain excellent results which makes them more durable.

ILLAMASQUA products are handmade and are delicately packed in acrylic containers with black caps with a minimalist cut, but with a touch of mysticism and elegance, which makes them very attractive.

ILLAMASQUA defines itself as a line of “make up for its alter ego” so it could be said that its line is capable of helping you to express through the makeup its deepest nature and reveal to the whole world your inner self-giving you, each creation has its own unique and unrepeatable identity, just as human beings are.

Within the range of products offered by ILLAMASQUA, the most sought-after gel is a single drop of this gel mixed with any shadow of ILLAMASQUA and you will have as a result the best long-lasting and water-resistant body liner or pigmentation products more solicitous box lipstick, with a perfect red color created from blue, there is also the Halcyon illuminator in a very clear golden tone that is barely visible but that brilliantly illuminates the area where you apply it. These are just some of the most emblematic products that ILLAMASQUA puts at your disposal in the market, but you can also find a wide range of the most daring colors in shades, blushes, nail enamels, bases, mascara and everything you need to create a perfect vanguardist makeup and of the best quality.

The mission of ILLAMASQUA is to encourage the whole world to embrace their individuality through self-expression. Therefore, when it comes to makeup, whether you are a professional make-up artist or if you are a private individual with a passion for makeup and you are in search of perfection, ILLAMASQUA is the best alternative for you since its immense range of products will help you to create truly unique, bold and lasting makeup that will be praised by the world as true works of art with the security of using products of the most advanced technology and quality.

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