HYPE is a brand of “streetwear” style clothing that was born in England in 2011, founded by Lyan Green and Aidy Lennox. It is a brand created by millennials with entrepreneurial spirit whose fundamental tool of success is the use of social networks. Through Facebook and Instagram, Lyan shows his followers a preview of each new piece he creates. The first design that would allow the brand to hold the title of “cool”, was an image of an Einstein tattooed and using expansions, created by Lyan, when he studied graphic design in Leicester, at the De Montfort University.

Its founders started the business with an investment of 400 euros. The designs were sold out in hours and the success was such that it allowed them, in less than two years, to open their first store in Leicester. From selling shirts from one room, they went to attend 350 orders online, daily; and what is more, today counts among its client’s British bands as famous as One Direction, Rizzel Kikcs, and Rudimental.

Liam commented in an interview that although he always had an interest in clothes and was passionate about graphic design, he never ventured into the world of fashion. However, he became involved during his student years with a group of young people who worked in urban clothing and printing and who were interested in his designs. During his adventure, he met who would become his partner, Aidy Lennox, and they began to work together on the designs. At first, they only tried to earn some extra money; today the brand invoices millions of dollars and is one of the preferred ones by a very modern youth population with an irreverent personality.

When talking about what the firm represents, Liam says to have conceived HYPE to be used by all, a brand that is not exclusive and that gives customers the opportunity to always get some design that reflects their individuality. His conception is very positive, for him, all people are great in their own way; and so are his designs. The offer of HYPE products includes shirts, t-shirts, bags, caps, and others.

The process of creating the brand was smart from the beginning. The boys participated in competitions to get free impressions and won. This meant a real help from the point of view of economic investment, as well as an impulse to take things seriously and motivate to start the company. The firm grew rapidly, creating with it the first true challenge for its founders: a lot of work and the need to hire staff. The boys won in sales but also in responsibility.

Part of their marketing strategy is to establish trends in terms of sublimation and impressions of their designs, always maintaining a fun and original style. Its unique personality has made HYPE one of the few independent brands offered in stores such as Topshop and Topman, who discovered them through customers who walked through their stores, who in turn knew them thanks to Facebook, the power of social networks in millennial ventures.