Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

When we talk about elegant fashion, we quickly associate the phrase with one of the most important and long-established fashion firms. Hugo Boss is the luxury fashion house founded in Metzingen, Germany by Hugo Ferdinand Boss in 1924 where his headquarters still remains.

The historical events of that time forced him to declare bankruptcy and close the workshop. To resume the factory, the conditions led him to make decisions such as employing prisoners of war, a situation that has always generated controversy around this house of fashion and for which his representatives have had to apologize repeatedly.

Surpassing all difficulties, the Hugo Boss brand is currently a large industry with a huge variety of clothing and accessories to dress men, women, and children.

Hugo Boss is a company of enormous growth, has product lines that range from lenses, clothing, footwear, furniture, perfumes, handbags, wallets and other accessories. It is characterized by offering quality and exclusivity in all its garments and that is customary to its customers.

This company has had to reinvent itself several times to stay at the highest levels, currently, it works with a staff of around ten thousand employees, with more than six thousand branch stores distributed in more than one hundred countries around the world.

This company is more than a fashion house, they specialize in creating successful marketing and advertising campaigns for all their products and they pay special attention to the advertising and communication media, they have managed to handle themselves very well in this medium and this has contributed to can reach the category of prestige they currently enjoy, promoting all their events in the world’s great fashion capitals, proposing in their parades and presentations great fashion shows that occupy the forefront and recognition worldwide.

Hugo Boss continues to be a leading brand of high profitability, invests in simple and very professional technology that guarantees the achievement of the proposed goals to increase sales levels, in addition, it creates alliances that guarantee the best innovation, a strong and permanent presence at the highest levels of professional excellence. It constantly promotes campaigns and events that help boost sales worldwide.

It is a company that always occupies very competitive places within the offers of high-end or luxury clothing, its strength is the Premium quality clothing. It offers clothing lines for men, women, and children that covers a wide range of styles ranging from classic and elegant, to the executive, casual and sporty. Offering a new and different collection in each season. He also ventures to explore other markets for a more youthful public where the jeans and denim proposal predominates, with original color combinations and attractive accessories in recent winter collections so that he can dress during the cold season with fashionable clothes.

In 1993, exactly 70 years after being founded, Hugo Boss launched its first fragrance, thus creating a perfume division being an important part of the business for the company.

Their perfumes are also distributed in several ranges: Boss, the select line and Hugo, the youngest and most modern line.

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