Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols is a luxurious chain store founded in 1831 by Benjamin Harvey, who opened a clothing store in London and expanded over the years. In 1841 Harvey hires James Nichols who ascended to the manager and ended up marrying his niece Annes Beale, Benjamin dies in 1850 leaving the business in charge of his wife, she makes the decision to partner with James Nichols forming HARVEY NICHOLS & Co. In 1889 they demolished the space they had occupied for more than fifty years giving way to a large department store. In 1920, Harvey Nichols was bought by Debenhams, a retailer with experiences in department stores, founded in the 18th century. In 1975 they open a restaurant called Harvey’s on the fifth floor, this small group formed by Harvey Nicholds & Co. And Debenhams is sold to Burton Group in 1991, who remodeled giving way to a new restaurant, cafe, bar and food market with an independent elevator that allowed them to stay open in hours that the main store closed.

HARVEY NICHOLS has huge stores and beauty bazaars in large and important cities of the world, designed by important architectural companies.

The “flagship store” or most representative store of Harvey Nichols is located in Knightsbridge, London, where restructured the last floor to create a restaurant, bar, cafeteria, wine, and food store, and the same has done with all the premises that its large size allows it.

In 1996 Harvey Nichols launches its first independent restaurant the OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie overlooking the spectacular Thames river.

For Harvey Nichols it has not all been successes and celebrations, it has also been the subject of controversy as objections for irresponsible announcements and presumptions for the way they treated animals for fur sales but came out with such accusations.

HARVEY NICHOLS is luxury, internationally known for the wide variety of fashion items, hosting the most prestigious fashion brands for women, men, beauty, food, and wine, with a chain that is in full expansion globally.

Being one of the few to present this concept consisting of restaurant, bar, cafe, wine shop and food market along with the rest of the fashion store, we have become a tourist attraction, a concept applied in our latest plants, thus expanding our customer market.

HARVEY NICHOLS has launched such notorious campaigns that have been worthy of awards, for example, the funny campaign used at Christmas 2013 wanting to end the usual fake face of joy that we all put on when we received a gift, even if we do not like anything. Defending his usual philosophy that says that with HARVEY NICHOLS you will always receive a good gift and that moment will, therefore, be pleasant, encouraging people to do Christmas shopping or any other occasion in their shopping centers.

Our goal is not to buy more, but buy good brands, and have fun doing it.

HARVEY NICHOLS also puts at your disposal our website wwww.herveynichols.com and you will be convinced of who we are, and we are sure you will like it.