Gosha Rubchinskiy

Gosha Rubchinskiy

Gosha Rubchinskiy designer and photographer was born in Moscow in 1984, from an early age he was passionate about fashion, in 2008 he founded his brand called Aglec and launched his first collection called Evile Empire which had a resounding success showing the very specific vision he had of fashion, of the 21st century Russia, in its designs it is inspired by groups of young people, in the feeling of nostalgia produced by the Cold War, followed by the collection Growing and Expanding, The sunrise and Slave.

With so few years in the market has undoubtedly shown that their work is a symbol of how great fashion can be, they have already worked with important brands such as Adidas, Vans, Fila, and Camper, among others. The young designer understands that his style can be loved or hated, however he wants to show his vision of what young people in Russia are today because he considers that in youth there is a lot of energy that should be used and this youth plays an extremely important role in the world of fashion, not only in Russia but throughout the world, his creations can range from the most basic, sportswear, sweaters, among others, however his simple and basic creations can be in turn elegant and desirable in the market, that is why marketing plays an important role in the world of fashion.

Rubchinskiy believes that luxury is in the eye of those who see it, has always shown that vision, and that approach different than what It has led to success. Their creations are also related to the skaters considering these as real people who have a very characteristic way of dressing, a style that must necessarily be comfortable, and that is why the skaters are a great inspiration to create collections that are not only elegant but comfortable and is that he was one of them so he understands that world from within.

However, he has clearly mentioned that he wants to leave his comfort zone and make suits, being able to expand his horizons without leaving his principles: elegance and comfort because he considers that the image is very important. Rubchinskiy is one of those who admire the work of designers such as Alexander McQueen or Rei Kawakubo since in their collections you can appreciate a little madness and art. Currently, this designer resides in Moscow and it is not in his plans to live in another place, where he has everything necessary to work including inspiration which is more than primordial to create a collection.

However, not only did he create important fashion collections but he also worked on a very important project called Transfiguration, a book that was made with the help of the editor Junsuke Yamasaki and the art director Pavel Milkyakov and that was published in 2012, followed by a film that showed the image of his brand directly related to strong young people and that showed the political crisis in the country as well as a creative change.