G Star Raw

G Star Raw

The G-Star brand began its commercial operations in 1989, with a philosophy based on “Just the Product” that translates into great dedication, high quality, and of course Innovation. G Star represents the Vanguard brand of the Jeans sector and has managed to position itself in one of the most prestigious brands internationally.

G Star is a company with a great vision of the future where one of its objectives is to create iconic products that are also sustainable over time, taking care that the impact on the environment is the minimum, to achieve this they are very careful with the raw material, among its conditions, establishes the restriction of using animal skins, since in one of its norms they focus on the well-being of animals, the protection of nature and human rights, so that for the preparation of their products, they mainly use organic cotton, recycled cotton, better cotton, recycled polyester and tencel, and the main characteristics of these products, among others, are that they are grown without synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides, in other cases they are produced from waste which represents a great help to our planet as we save water, raw materials, and energy.

And in relation to the washing of the product also have an innovative system of dyeing and finishing of bleaching with ozone, laser treatment or the natural dyeing of the skin that has a reduced social and environmental impact.

G Star was the company that in 1996 invented the technique “Demin 3D” for the making of their Jeans, with the commitment of sustainable innovation, and much more, also with many novelties in this area, such as when it achieves a fusion of craftsmanship of high level with the urban aspect of the jean. Denim represents art and innovation that shapes cowboy silhouettes in a fascinating explosion designed to impact with the avant-garde and urban influence that become authentic pieces of luxury.

G Star never ceases to amaze us with its collections full of Cosmopolitan sophistication, such as 5-pocket basics, mao-collar denim jackets, or large-pocket tai, and we find originality and comfort that make the cowboy design more comfortable.

All that chain has resulted in an expansion of G Star not only globally but also in terms of collections and new product offerings such as t-shirts, top, jackets, glasses, bags and shoulder bags.

G Star has more than 7000 points of sale all over the world, it does not have its own store, its philosophy is franchising, its corner offices in multi-brand spaces or department stores. In addition to online sales that are growing more and more buyers join, G Star aware of the falsification of its products works to dismantle and eliminate the market of fake products of the brand so to buy their original products , make your purchases at www.G-Star.com or at authorized sales points, franchises or outlet stores.

And do not forget that G Star creates luxury Urban Jeans.

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