Fred Perry

Fred Perry

When we hear this name we think of the great tennis champion Frederick John Perry, this British tennis champion founds his own company to enter the world of the sports market, in the beginning only woven handmade clothing was made in a delicate way, with designs of English court and elegant. Its entry to the market of sports equipment in tennis was not difficult, however it was not exclusive use equipment to practice the sport, its exclusive designs were and are considered as haute couture, its artisan manufacture represented work made of exclusively for those who purchased Fred Perry clothes.

It is no mystery to anyone that the Fred Perry brand represents social status, this brand is considered a designer sportswear, focused on representing fashion in the world of sports, parades on the most famous catwalks of the fashion world, Fred Perry has more than 60 years in the world of fashion, is considered one of the most exclusive brands in the market, has delicate, elegant products and manufactured with 100% natural materials, Perry Fred represents haute couture, in the world of sport is not considered as the preferred brand to practice sports but rather is a brand to wear and carry on casual outings, manufacturing from stylish sports shoes to handbags, its mission is to break with the paradigm of the world of sport and turn the sport into fashion.

For Fred Perry the important thing was to reach the youth sectors of the population, having a Fred Perry placed you in a different place in society, was breaking with the paradigm of fashion, for him the most important thing is to look elegant and fresh.  His brand  introduced the subculture to the world of sports, including the rare or marginalized sectors in the field of sports and fashion, for nobody is a mystery that the time of the 60th, 70th and 80th divided into a large number of subcultures, an excellent example of this is the Punk culture, they were not socially accepted and sometimes clearly the exclusion of this type of culture was lost, Fred Perry welcomed as a mission to give life and inclusion to these subcultures, making them part of society, the elegance conveyed by the clothing Fred Perry did not allow this marginalization to be seen and granted inclusion for these sectors.

Fred Perry as a brand that represents exclusivity and latest fashion trends, which seeks to highlight any aspect of society from the highest that is in it to the lowest, Fred Perry presents vanguard and freshness, fashion that makes it stand out and shine. He currently represents fascination over the urban tribes, has kept evolving as these have been changing and dying, the vision of Fred Perry is to maintain the prominence of these urban subcultures giving as an attribute to these high fashion clothes.

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