Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani is a brand by Giorgio Armani, an Italian designer, initially recognized for his men’s clothing. Giorgio Armani and Sergio Galeotti founded the company in Milan in 1975 with a capital of $ 10,000. They have a presence in about 36 countries in America, Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia, East Asia and the Southwest. Emporio Armani stores are spaces where ready-to-wear clothing, sunglasses, perfumes, accessories, and watches are sold.

Giorgio Armani S.P.A. is a company that produces Italian fashion luxury items. Forbes magazine consider it the most successful Italian commercial designer. Giorgio Armani is a businessman sagacious, skillful, with much creativity and fantasy, focused on the new needs of modern life. Their clothes are comfortable and made of selected materials.

The company designs and manufactures luxury products in various categories, including fashion accessories, apparel, cosmetics, fragrances, home accessories, jewelry, watches and glasses, with the following labels: Giorgio Armani, Armani Collezioni, Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans, Armani Junior, Armani Exchange and Armani Casa, which make up its product lines.

Armani Casa is the home of the high-end collection and is characterized by selling furniture, lamps, bedding, and dining rooms. The products of the Armani Casa Line are available in its 40 stores around the world as well as in Neiman Marcus stores.

Armani Collezioni is a high-end line usually aimed at a larger clientele who do not want trendy design but prefer the classic themes of high quality, replacing the line Giorgio Armani Le Collezioni. In addition to being in independent boutiques.

The brand Armani Cosmetic is characterized by selling cosmetics, accessories for skin care, perfumes, and colognes. It is produced and distributed by the luxury division of L’Oréal, with which Armani has a long-term partnership. It is available in many department stores around the world.

Armani Exchange, created in 1991, is oriented towards a younger clientele and is characterized by having an urban style, prêt-à-porter (Refers to fashion garments produced in series with patterns that are repeated depending on the demand), especially in t-shirts, jeans, polos and sports jackets, is the most accessible line of all Armani lines in the American market.

Armani Jeans is a cowboy style collection created in 1981 by Giorgio Armani. This line is mainly found in department stores.

Armani Privé, Armani’s haute couture line made history by being the first to broadcast an haute couture show on the Internet since Fashion Week in Paris.

Emporio Armani is the most recent line inspired by Armani for young people. The products range from prêt-à-porter clothing, sunglasses, perfumes, watches, and accessories. The line is found in 13 boutiques in the United States and in more than 140 boutiques around the world, making it Armani’s most distributed brand.