Dolce And Gabbana

Dolce And Gabbana

DOLCE & GABBANA is an Italian fashion firm, founded in 1985 by Siciliano Doménico Dolce and Milanés Stefano Gabbana, who met in Milan in 1980. A talented designer, who thanks to his father, a seamstress by profession, instilled in the principles of sewing, and a graphic designer is responsible for this perfect combination, which has made DOLCE & GABBANA one of the most important and requested brands of Made in Italy.

Although his initial interest was to design clothes, the company diversified designing from accessories such as lenses, watches, rings, perfumes and even mobile phones and even vehicles.

In 1985, they exhibited their first collection of women’s clothing in Milan, achieving an incredible international success. Since then, there have been many ideas that flowed from this great firm, growing rapidly and becoming one of the most representative brands of Italian fashion in the world.

Speaking of DOLCE & GABBANA is talking about luxury, elegance, triumph, diversity, exclusivity, qualities for which they have become one of the favorites of Hollywood stars such as Madonna, Giselle Bundchen, Scarlett Johansson and Ivanna Trump among others, who consider themselves unconditional of their designs.

The evolution of DOLCE & GABBANA has focused on designing for the real woman, who is her main source of inspiration but not limited to them, that is why in 1990 they present the first collection for men, made in New York, being the first man and woman parade.

In 1992 they present the perfume Dolce &GabbanaParfum. In 1993 they are protagonists in the tour The Girlie Show of Madonna showing several bodices adorned with fine jewelry designed exclusively for her, introducing the corset as an emblem. Two years later they created the D & G line for young people, and the men’s perfume Dolce &Gabbana pour Homme was launched on the market, these being the first of many creations, since the successes and fame that this talented duo has achieved since its inception are countless. ,who has not only opened a lot of Show-rooms but have also taken advantage of their experience by writing them in books on the subject.

The diversity of these fashion entrepreneurs is such that in 1994 DOLCE & GABBANA signs an agreement with Citroën Italia to launch cars with Dolce &Gabbana designs.

DOLCE & GABBANA has triumphed with all its labels, they have become “The Fashion Midas” have a wide network of boutiques and stores around the world, marveling twice a year with gateways from different parts of the world, presenting creations of its renowned designers, boasting of the fusion of timelessness with the latest trends. His advertising campaigns always in black and white have been an emblem of the brand, as well as the feline print or the masculine white shirt.

“The most important work we have to do from now on is to give women their dreams” comment made by this wonderful duo, and that’s what they have dedicated themselves to, to please the most demanding tastes with their glorious designs in everything they create.