We all like to complement our wardrobe with good footwear, and there are those who give greater importance to this element to be able to combine with an outfit, we consider its quality, design and above all comfort.

There is an immense variety of footwear brands on the market that offer shoes for every occasion, there are elegant, casual, sports, security, among many more.

Since the year 1908 operates a North American shoe factory founded by Elver Converse, and already by his last name we know what we mean. Converse is a brand does not need more presentation. For more than a hundred years the designs of simple and comfortable shoes made with canvas and rubber outsole have won millions of users and a place in the closet of people from all over the world.

The comfort of the footwear made it suitable for use during any activity and to develop different jobs, but Elver Converse was not satisfied with this, and as a fan of basketball decided to release to the market a boot or booty shoe like the one we know today in day that offers protection up to the ankle, and it is from that moment that Converse becomes the official brand for this sport.

As an advertising strategy Mr. Converse decides to hire Chuk Taylor who was the star of basketball at that time to be the image of the new boot, this player was the icon of the brand around the world for the next 50 years. This man always expressed his preference for boots, and in 1923 he earned the privilege of placing a stamp with his name on the inside of the boot and on the ankle with a star the phrase all-star. This is how it has been maintained to this day.

With the changes in professional basketball, Converse had to adapt to the requirements including new colors and materials to meet the demands of the teams and stay within this sports area.

Generated important advertising campaigns with prominent figures from the basketball era such as Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, always adapting to changes and new times without losing their identity and characteristics that make it unique and preferred.

For several decades the famous All-Star ceased to be used to play professional basketball due to the appearance of new brands in the market, but it remains the favorite footwear of many other stars and celebrities worldwide for more than a hundred years with a great history of successes and evolution.

Converse all star has always been at the forefront of fashion, but retaining its unique style, has remained for over 100 years always in force in the attire of many people regardless of their tendency to dress.

At present we can find Converse for all tastes, in multiple varieties of colors, unicoloured canvas and the most attractive prints, leather, in all sizes; there are even for babies, models with platforms, metal accessories, tacks and a host of other proposals that allow even some designers to include them in the parades of their personal collections.

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