Companies start with an idea, a dream that is pursued and that you want to make reality, to achieve it you must have a clear goal of what you want to get. With well-defined objectives, structure a project, using all the opportunities presented to us in order to complete the plan that we have discussed.

A number of factors must be organized to start a company. It is essential to have defined the type of product to be developed, the tools required to do so, the professional staff willing to undertake this initiative, the place where it will be located, etc., all of these are details that we should not neglect if we want to achieve a successful company. Once we have defined what we expect to produce, we must identify it, give it a name that describes it and makes it unique, that is, create a brand. This leads us to make a list of requirements at the legal level since certain legal norms must be met and a series of demands so that the business is lawful.

The broad and extensive universe of brands is guaranteed by a regulation that is different for each item, which varies according to each country and that at an international level must be strictly enforced to give legitimacy to our product

Another very important point to take into account the quality, in terms of the preparation of the article, it is essential to have a preparation and training in the field in which you are going to venture, in addition to having the desire and initiative to start a business, It should also be studied to be educated in the subject, in order to know thoroughly everything related to the product elaborate.

There are certain parts of the human body that are more sensitive than others, but undoubtedly the feet represent our support and our means to move. If we have a pair of shoes that bother us we will not have a pleasant life, because the feet rest our well-being, to avoid this type of discomfort that necessary footwear that is as and made with optimal materials.

Clarks is one of the brands as prestige and appearance in the shoe industry. It is a company that began as the dream of two brothers, who began in the United Kingdom in mid-1825 to venture into the manufacture of footwear. They made their first pair of boots, then expanded their models and focusing on the quality of the product, achieving a piece that was adapted to the movements of the foot when walking, studied each of the muscles, bones, and tendons that make up that part of the body. They created a footwear that became a glove for the feet. Making a trigenic concept that has remained until today, which consists in complying with the form, grip, and density of the shoe so that it is an anatomical piece.

Currently, have more than 22,000 models and are in more than 35 countries with an experience of almost 2 centuries, being one of the best selling footwear brands in the world.