When you like to surf but you live extremely far from the sea you must know the Snowboard, an extreme sport where you can enjoy the aesthetics of Surf while you slide through the snow.

It was in the decade of the 60s when the engineer Sherman Poppen created a table without fixings for his daughter. That fact was the one that started this sport. Through time, the boards and accessories were perfected to carry out the Snowboard practice.

In the late 70’s and early 80’s, in the United States, the first important Snowboard competitions were created as the first world championship and a world cup circuit.

Specifically, in the year 1977, Jake Burton Carpenter founded Burton Snowboard, a company that specialized in the manufacture of boards for this demanding sport. He was an important part in the global growth of this sport through the design and creation of innovative products, in addition to supporting the best competitors in this sport and promoting the creation and adaptation of more resorts and resorts that allow Snowboarding.

Then he went to Austria with the aim of observing firsthand what the manufacturing process of the skis was like and the results that were obtained. That information allowed him to perfect the production processes of the Snowboard.

In addition, he began to manufacture sports equipment such as bindings, boots, coats, gloves and all kinds of technical equipment, which has allowed him to be the leader in the manufacture of products and, specifically, boards for Snowboarding.

Burton Snowboard has several divisions such as Annon Optics founded in 2001 with the objective of manufacturing glasses with style and techniques that guarantee an optimal vision for each winter weather condition; NET. Protection whose mission is to produce safe products such as helmets, knee pads, wrist guards, anklets etc., for practitioners; Analog Outerwear where they design and manufacture garments for the most demanding Snowboarders, Skaters, and surfers. Always keeping the pulse of fashion change and innovating in the use of different types of materials; and Gravis Footwear that was born as a result of an investigation made by Burton Snowboard where he could determine that the feet of the Snowboard, Surf, and Skateboard practitioners have a wider forefoot than normal, which is why it led them to think about developing a last that suits this type of foot. Although the shoes are designed to withstand the bad weather caused by snow and rain, the design of the outer part of the shoe is simple. These shoes are designed for men and women between 15 and 25 years of age.

Recently Burton Snowboard making an alliance with Motorola has presented a new Snowboard suit that will allow the practitioner to have a wireless communication while slipping through the snow or allow you to listen to music since the jackets, helmets, and hats have Bluetooth technology that will allow them to high performance and high fidelity connection.

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