Burberry is a company created by Thomas Burberry of 21 years, opened his first store in Basingstoke, in the United Kingdom, in the year 1856, and never imagined that his name would become a legacy of British fashion, focusing on the attire outdoor.

Burberry is characterized as a luxury brand, manufactures clothes and other accessories. His badge is an English gentleman mounted on a steed and the trellis monogram.

Burberry provided coats to the officers in World War I to protect them in the trenches, providing the soldiers with comfort and warmth with the climatic changes, and thus the iconic ¨Gabardina¨ was born, adapted to the needs of the military in every detail, such as epaulettes, gun flap, storm shield and D-rings designed to fulfill a purpose and with an innovative weather-resistant cotton technique that revolutionized rainwear.

In 1926, Thomas Burberry dies at the age of 91.

Burberry has its own stores all over the world, it is also sold in prestigious stores and the brand also controls a business by catalog, in addition to having a line of accessories and fragrances. Queen Elizabeth and the Prince of Wales have granted the brand the title of Royal Provider.

The brand has worked tirelessly to turn the British heritage label Burberry into an essential brand through modern, attractive, and comfortable cuts, which has been evolving.

Burberry products have worked very well in other activities since their raincoats were used by explorers when they went to Antarctica, one of the most inhospitable regions on earth, aviators have also used their clothes, including hot air balloons

Burberry has invested in a leading industry approach to artificial intelligence technology across all digital platforms. The digital mentality of Burberry is a fundamental and integral part of the brand and is an extremely important point for the entire organization, for Burberry it is important to communicate with customers around the world and this is achieved for example; through its gateway, new marketing techniques, and customer knowledge to improve their own experiences, apart from this technology, customers also have the humanitarian assistance for any advice they require.

Burberry is considered one of the most followed luxury platforms in social networks with more than 50 million followers on all 20 social platforms of the brand.

There is no doubt that Burberry uses the technology at its maximum capacity and obtains very good results for its brand, reaching all parts of the world, when they launched their website, the followers of the brand upload photos using Burberry garments.

Burberry created a foundation designed to support young people, encouraging and enhancing their creativity.

In 2013, Burberry was awarded the brand of the year at the British Fashion Awards.