Birkenstock is a footwear company of German origin inspired by orthopedic products and whose success is based on the so-called “Carl Birkenstock System” through which, its creator expresses his conception of “the walk desired by nature” or “system of the printed tread “. A special footwear with a highly beneficial system for foot health.

The flagship product of the brand is the internal template or footwear base (in German “Fußbett”) created anatomically, which in addition to being unique in its genre, meant a revolution in the footwear market. This template is the fundamental basis from which Birkenstock can offer a product that is unprecedented and that currently remains a model of functionality and well-being. Sandals ideal for those who suffer from spinal or orthopedic problems, but also for those who simply look for a comfortable and durable footwear.

The origin of the brand as a manufacturer of the so-called comfortable footwear is found in the Birkenstock family, who since 1774 was engaged in shoemaking in Germany. With them begins the sale of flexible templates and the idea of ​​custom footwear manufacturing with a template inside. In 1947, Mr. Carl Birkenstock successfully published his book on foot orthopedics and healthy footwear, which became the bestselling book of his time. In 1963, with the manufacture of the “Madrid” sandal, the first with a recessed and flexible base on the market, the foundations are laid for the comfortable shoes that are known today.

The Birkenstock is a worldwide brand and is among the first five “Global Footwear Brands”. Most of its production takes place in Germany, specifically in Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Saxony. Its products are sold in 90 countries on 5 continents and have distribution branches in E.E.U.U, Brazil, Spain and Hong Kong.

The purpose of the company is the manufacture of footwear that stands out for its extraordinary comfort and quality, as well as for its functionality, characteristics that favor the well-being of the consumer. These benefits are what distinguish them from other shoes present in the market, which often only obey fashion, always so changing, or at low prices, which are never accompanied by comfort or durability.

Concerned about applying the welfare concept also to the planet, since 1990 the company reduced its energy expenditure by 90% and, on the other hand, the raw material used (cork, natural latex, copper, brass, wool felt and the best skins ) has a sustainable origin.

The brand has a website;, where you can find 2 lines, “Papillio” and “Betula”. The first one is addressed to the ladies with designs of wedge and platform in colors and striking patterns, comfortable and fashionable. The second is designed for the whole family, sweaters, and sandals for daily and for free times, made with special materials that are healthy for the skin, have good elasticity and have excellent cushioning, all this, with an excellent quality-price ratio.