eople of good taste prefer to choose, when we have the opportunity to find everything that pleases us, we feel at ease and with the total freedom to feel identified.

The same happens when we have the pleasure of entering a store of the firm Bershka; in total inspiration with the latest trends in urban fashion with a contemporary and modern style.

Bershka is a firm that belongs to the Spanish group Inditex, was born in 1998 with a concept of the retail store, to serve a market of young people who demand changes and constant updates of the fashion to dress.

This company includes the entire system of design, manufacture, distribution, and sale of the different lines of clothing, shoes, and accessories for the young male and female public.

The Bershka style advanced very fast since its inception, in just two years it managed to consolidate its image by growing and locating stores around the world. It is currently present with around a thousand stores in more than seventy countries around the world, offering the latest fashion trends with its particular style of adventure inspired by the season of each new collection.

Bershka is defined by its flexibility in each new collection, which allows it to adapt to the adventurous and demanding spirit of the public that follows it, loaded with new and active information, with a passion for the modern, music and the urban. This is due to the originality of all its lines, which are combined between the simple but novel, romantic and adventurous, casual and urban; of everything a little that turn their garments into unique designs.

This brand is identified worldwide because it is located in the most strategic places for the exhibition and sale of all its products. In general, this firm is presented in the best commercial areas of each city where it is present, and in centrally located and large spaces that allow to fit spaces for the different lines using a decoration with many colors and modern furniture, resulting attractive and cozy for the young audience offering a musical atmosphere, with striking lighting of maximum adventure and freedom, where you can find from blouses, jeans, shoes, jackets, dresses, evening clothes, casual clothes, accessories and even basic clothing and clothing intimate for the female audience, and for the young male audience also sportswear, casual wear and fashionable clothes, adapting their style and brand design.

In Bershka they always find a reason to meet and satisfy the needs and tastes of this type of public, a task that is not easy due to their constant demands and adventurous spirit.

Today, at 19, Bershka is the brand of the most daring young people, it remains more current than ever offering collections with the quality and style with which we are accustomed, satisfying the demands and needs of a highly energetic and adventurous market that never it runs out and every day expects more and new proposals.