Fashion is a social phenomenon that has trapped people all over the world for decades. In the past there were only some areas of our lives in which we were worried about going elegant and fashion, special social events like, Weddings, Awards Ceremonies, Anniversary were just some of the events that we thought we should take special care of our image, however today design and fashion have opened a space in each and every one of our vital moments, existing trends currently ranging from all types of clothing to sleep, to relax, to do sports whatever the discipline to practice, for the day to day, for the work, the fashion is present in each one of those spaces although we are not adept at it.

In the world of trekking, fashion has also set an example of this “Berghaus”, a firm founded in 1966 by climbers Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison whose headquarters are located in the Sunderland city of the United Kingdom and are dedicated exclusively to the production of specialized clothing for hiking, climbing or outdoor sports. Initially, they only produced their own clothing, but today they cover a wide range of products and clothing for outdoor sports aimed at Knights, Ladies, and children among which we can find waterproof jackets, underwear, legwear, fleeces and an Exclusive selection of outdoor accessories and footwear.

It all starts with the frustration felt by Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison, who love hiking and outdoor sports, for what they considered an absolute absence of equipment and decent clothing for practicing outdoor sports, so they decide, import and sell your own.

His shop specializing in outdoor items was known as LD Mountain Center and he quickly gained a reputation for selling the best high-performance outdoor products such as Atomic Skis, Marker Bindings, and Nordica Ski.

With Berghaus you have the confidence to be wearing a clothing specifically designed for your discipline in the air with the best quality because it pays careful attention to the quality of the materials with which they are made always looking for the best and most functional to provide protection, good performance , comfort without neglecting the style and aesthetics of each one of its garments, whether they are their own or those of other brands that they market, in fact, they have been pioneers in the use of Gore-Tex for their creations. Berghaus always offers the best because it is aware that when it comes to mountaineering and climbing mistakes can go very far even to end up costing your life.

If you are a person who is passionate about hiking, climbing, camping, Berghaus is the best alternative ‘where you can find everything you need for outdoor sports clothing, footwear, tents, waterproof jackets, jackets for resist low temperatures, accessories such as tracking sticks, sleeping bags and much more, visit its physical stores or if you prefer you can also make your purchases from the comfort of your home on its website, with Berghaus you guaranteed quality.