Barbour Jacket

Barbour Jacket

It is a British clothing company founded in 1894, its creator was John Barbour and the firm was born in England in the coastal city of South Shields. The fundamental characteristic of this garment is that it is made with waterproof fabric.

Barbour clothing in its original clothing had a rough appearance, so in recent years they have injected a more modern air to their clothes, trying to focus on a younger audience so they add a more stylish image, conserving its rural character and its attention for the detail that differentiates them, among them we have the adjustable collars and the wide pockets that also have a drainage.

These garments are world famous thanks to their resistance, their impermeability and above all to their marked British style, and they also have a wide range of garments that maintain the heritage of the traditional lifestyle of the British Campaign.

When Barbour left the market his clothes were in great demand among the sailors, the workers of the docks and the shipyards of that town. Then, in the early twentieth century, its fame was increasing thanks to the British Campaign, extending its use among farmers, shepherds, etc.

In 1917, Barbour produced a catalog with its products and began to distribute it, and by that time it was allowed to distribute its products even internationally.

Then came the First World War that creates a great depression and yet Barbour brings out his first range of motorcycle clothing, which was practically used by all the British international motorcycling teams.

Later during the Second World War, Barbour dedicated himself to making garments for civilians and also for military use, highlighting the model Ursula Suit, which became the standard of the British Submarine Service and precisely gets its name from the Submarine model Ursula. Barbour made only retail sales until 1957, this year the company raised its own production plant, which allowed Barbour a great promotion.

Then, towards the 70s, Barbour changed its sales policies to focus on the distribution of its articles.

Barbour has been recognized for the quality, acceptance, and performance of its exports, receiving 3 real mentions. In this time other models emerged, expanding its catalog of garments for men and women. In addition to continuing making clothes in Waxed Cotton and expanded the catalog of colors.

The Barbour models as we know to stand out for their resistance, durability, if they want to make some change in its form as a result of the use, Barbour has a technical service that can be accessed through the official website or through the establishment where it is has acquired. It is important to know that when you purchase one of the Barbour products, a guide is attached to your care and information about the products you can use. In addition, you have a guarantee of one or two years according to the model purchased.