Barbour & SonsLtd is an English clothing company, mostly offering to clothe associated with the hobbit of home and camping. Most of their clients are people who enjoy activities in the forest. The company is characterized by providing comfort and quality to the most demanding customers, their garments are strong and durable enough so that they do not deteriorate with the different rustic activities that can be practiced in a rural environment.

This prestigious company was started in 1894 under the name J. Barbour & Sons, run by its founder and owner, John Barbour, along with his wife and eleven children, all from the city of Galloway in Scotland. The first product that launched this company were skin moisturizing oils, in the port of South Shiends. Years later it was a very productive business and in 1912 the name was changed and was renamed J. Barbour & Sons Ltd.

To provide quality and strength in their products, Barbour’s clothing consists of a construction and appearance a little rough. The company manufactures pretty cozy coats, moleskin, corduroy, tarttarsall shirts, sweaters, jackets, shirts, flannels, handbags, purses, scarves, and even clothes and accessories for dogs. They also provide a wide range of waterproof products.

The company is very prestigious and recognized worldwide for the high quality of its products, many companies dedicated to rustic sports were inspired by Barbour. The company provides both Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, her husband and their children, countless costumes and products.

Currently, the company is trying to adapt to the young public, trying to modernize, but without leaving aside its rural character, and its great perfectionism when it comes to making some of its products, which distinguishes them as a brand and makes them different from the other clothing companies. One of the things that characterize the company is the adjustable collars, waterproof garments, drainage pockets and hand warmers, double direction zippers, among others.

Many customers keep their coats and Barbour products for many years, which is very normal, because a garment of this brand is very durable, and in most cases these products do not usually deteriorate, and when this happens (which is usually very rare when it happens), the company has a service that repairs and reinforces the company’s products with a quite worrying situation of deterioration.

The younger brother of the Duke of Northumberland, since 2004, collaborates to a large extent with the designs and marketing of the hunting line, a line that is emblematic of the company.

Barbour already has a century of having started in the market, now the owners and managers of the company come from the fourth generation of entrepreneur John Barbour, and will continue from generation to generation until the company no longer provides commercial service, which It will be very difficult with your high sales today.

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