ASOS is much more than a store; it is the number one fashion destination in the world, focusing on the young people.

We offer the widest selection of relevant products for our clients, offering an excellent quality-price ratio, becoming our fundamental proposal as it is the international pricing using our new technology of zonal prices allowing us to put prices at brands in line with local markets. Our goal is to offer an effortless online and mobile shopping experience, where the fundamentals continue to be to improve and expand our deliveries and returns.

At ASOS we strive to promote sustainable brands, products, and materials for our customers, giving them the opportunity to purchase a unique range of sustainable products from around the world.

For us it is important to get involved with our clients and solve what we know is important to them. We are not just fashion, at ASOS we take care of the world, we involve our clients in the recycling of clothes, we encourage them to recycle containers and wash clothes at lower temperatures, maintain waste and use natural resources responsibly.

We play a positive role in the values ​​of our customers, recognizing global diversity and guarantee that our products and messages reflect that diversity.

We currently have 713 factories, 168 suppliers, which supply our products in a total of 25 countries, with our main supply regions being Eastern Europe, India, Turkey and the United Kingdom, where more than 80 percent of the factories are located.

At ASOS we help our suppliers make the necessary improvements by providing guidance on difficult issues because at ASOS we take care of the integrity of the business by doing the right thing because our values ​​define who we are, what we do and how we do it. To ensure these values ​​we have the right thing, the ASOS integrity code. Customers expect ASOS to be better than the norm, to mark the way, to stand out and have goals that we create now and in the future, we try to make our customers feel good through fashion and that our employees feel proud to work for us.

At ASOS we always seek to improve in all aspects, partnering with expert organizations, industry groups and other retailers and brands in projects that are designed to do just that, BE BETTER, we care about much more than just business criteria, also focusing on areas such as ethical trade, sustainable supply and animal welfare, creating ECO EDIT, a curated destination on our website, where customers can buy sustainable fashion, beauty, and jewelry products, promoting products made by manufacturers and brands that use practices sustainable commercials, converting to eco edit in the green room of ASOS.

We continually evolve and review our purchasing habits so that our customers do not have to change theirs. We are proud of our own collection of clothes; we focus on the novelty, trying to discover trends before anyone else, creating a personal style with more creative ways. Visit our website and become an innovator.