A healthy soul in a healthy body is the philosophy that is part of the commitment of Asics, a Japanese company that is responsible for designing sports shoes and whose primary objectives are; through his vision: “Create quality lifestyle through the use of intelligent sports technology”, and its mission; “Offer goods and services that encourage a healthy lifestyle”.

Asics Corporation is a brand of sports clothing and footwear created in 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka in the city of Kobe in Japan. He is responsible for designing and marketing clothing and shoes for different disciplines; basketball, soccer, athletics, tennis, fitness, for women, men and children.

In 1949 Asics launched its first shoe design for basketball, since then it started to gain popularity and since then it has been constantly growing. This has allowed it to maintain a payroll of more than five thousand employees distributed among its 14 locations in Japan and the nine international branches. This level of development allowed it to be placed during 2010 as the fifth sports brand in the world. As well as reaching profitability estimated at 1.6 billion euros in sales.

Asics is using mechanisms to achieve greater expansion in the short and medium term, currently focusing its efforts towards the promotion of its responsible and transparent corporate service and value policy to attract new investors and develop online commerce.

In constant look towards its future evolution, it has been proposed to transform its organizational structure to implement new technologies such as platforms and applications that allow it to expand the sales market through online commerce, to attract especially the youngest public worldwide. For this purpose, it has provided the necessary resources to train the appropriate personnel to cover these new demands.

In Asics Corporación always ready to adapt efficiently to the constant changes of the market, it remains attentive not only to design if not to redesign and improve its products, for that reason it aims to redirect all its processes towards a new purpose where all its proposed objectives converge the goal for the year 2020 and continue creating products that satisfy customers and allow them to have a more direct relationship with them from and to the whole world.

With more than six decades in the sportswear industry, Asics has a wide catalog of products of high quality, versatility, and durability. His original collections of clothing and footwear and the use of exclusive materials in each garment he offers for a wide variety of sports disciplines place him in a highly competitive place along with other high-level brands.

Asics Corporation is not simply a factory of sportswear and footwear, together with each garment creates a dream and sets a lifestyle along with its philosophy, creates a new value for its followers.