American Apparel

American Apparel

American Apparel Inc. is a brand of American clothing founded in 1989. It starts with a factory in North Carolina with a concept of wholesale clothing such as shirts and basic underwear.

For that moment its main objective was to offer the best shirt designed in the United States at a price accessible to the public, this line of shirts was present in a wide variety of colors and with an innovative proposal using amateur images. At that time it became a revelation against conventional standards.

In the year 1997 American Apparel Inc expands towards the city of Los Angeles, California and opens a store to start the sale of such garments and be able to cover a wider market, in addition to starting to have direct contact with its followers.

The culture of Los Angeles significantly influenced the development of new designs as the brand grew.

American Apparel Inc, is one of the largest manufacturers of essential clothing, socks, and intimate apparel, has reached different cultures adapting to their tastes and needs. Many people have chosen these garments and have fit with their personal style, this clearly describes their basic and simple design concept but of very high quality and durability.

The advertising campaigns promoted by American Aparell Inc; they have distinguished themselves by employing as relevant characteristics creativity, diversity and equality through whom they choose to represent their brand through their different basic clothing lines, the use of original models that reflect naturalness and the reality of the consumers, from different cultures, tastes, styles and trends that reflect the diversity to which Apparel products adapt. The natural appearance and intelligence are important qualities to choose the models that represent the brand.

In American Apparel Inc; not only has it been manufactured with passion and innovation, but with practices of ethics and responsibility with the environment. In its facilities located in South American countries, state-of-the-art systems have been implemented for the treatment of wastewater, which has reduced the impact of pollution that is created as a result of the manufacturing process. The wastewater is treated and filtered to return it to the ecosystem in good conditions and guarantee the environment of sustainability that surrounds us.

This brand has endeavored to design and maintain programs for its employees in its factories throughout the world, in order to offer the best working conditions that allow them to function in an environment of safety and well-being, offering valuable incentives that allow them to have a better quality of life, which guarantees a good relationship and opportunities for progress with employees.

In recent years American Apparel Inc; it has suffered a setback due to different administrative causes which have caused its bankruptcy and meant the loss of many of its assets. So currently we only find the services of this store through the online system on the internet.