All Saints

All Saints

This brand was founded in 1994, by Stuart Trevor and Kait Bolongaro. He was born in the United Kingdom and then expanded to different cities in Europe, Asia, and North America. This firm also achieved a close link with the musical culture and with young people. All Saints in its beginnings, its brand was directed towards wholesale men’s clothing sold exclusively to high-end retailers. One year after the launch of the brand, they entered their first collection of women’s clothing, and in the following years, they diversified their offer with the launch of collections of handbags and bathing suits.

In 2006, he launched his e-commerce website, as a way to expand his brand throughout the world.

All Saints has clothing and accessories for men, women, and children, as well as a small decoration line. All Saints has become an avant-garde icon for people who do not necessarily follow trends, especially for young people.

Its garments are carefully crafted, and it has a wide variety of products from finely knit models for the day to perfect silk dresses for the night or knitwear ideal for the weekend, and the brand guarantees that it has in its collection of dresses all you need. It also has loose garments, woven leather and blends of luxurious materials that are the basis of our women’s knitwear collection. It also has models with ribbed jersey, long cardigans and much more.

It also has an essential garment such as the All Saints leather jacket that is an invasion style, youth and attitude.

Defined by its contemporary silhouettes and unique details, our outdoor collection reinvents traditional warm clothing. You can choose between fitted coats or parkas to complete your outfits with style.

As for men’s clothing, the All Saints motorcycle jacket is its most iconic product, it is a very important part of the essence of the brand. The brand is always in search of new trends and generates a balance between clothing, shirts, pants, dresses, which is a big step for the brand from the perspective of the business; as well we will have a wide variety of options.

Denim is for All Saints another very popular material for the young and creative customer. Since this piece has evolved through its models where the customer can consider before deciding what type of jeans is desired, if you want them adjusted, if you want the classics or with a loose fit to get more comfortable.

All Saint has also had an important connection with popular culture and especially with music where he has collaborated with many musical acts.

In addition to music, All Saints is also very active in social causes and public service.

All Saints wants to combine culture, fashion, and music, to obtain a powerful formula of attractive clothing that expresses individuality and attitude, and that results in a lifestyle.