A few days ago I decided to buy some shoes and went to a shopping center to buy them. Observing the counters, I was struck by the exhibition of the Aldo store. I went to the store and I tried some shoes that pleased me at first glance. I felt so comfortable and they fit so well that I decided to buy them.

I left so happily of the store that I walk to the house I asked myself mentally, where will Aldo be? What will be the history of that brand?, and I decided to investigate about it on the Internet. What I found was very interesting to me.

Four decades ago, a young man from the third generation of shoemakers in Canada, set out to realize a dream he had. Having the passion and a deep knowledge of the world of footwear he set out to build a company that had the commitment of compassion, ethics and customer understanding with the aim of offering the best possible products and services. That is what has driven the Aldo Group since 1972 to be a company where innovation in products and services; and the constant effort to always offer the best to its customers has been its north.

The Aldo Group is one of the world’s leading footwear fashion retailers, with more than 20,000 associates and 200 million customers who visit its stores worldwide. It is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of shoes and accessories with the best quality, with an accessible price and with a style that its customers like. They have knowledge of the footwear business that is hard to match. That knowledge has allowed him to enter all corners of the market with three brands that identify them: Aldo, Call It Spring and Globo.

They are very committed to their staff, those who have helped them get to what they are today. They are a passionate, productive and motivated team. They provide them with the tools to enhance the opportunities to develop their full potential because their philosophy establishes that if a person within the company grows, the company also grows with it. The result of that philosophy is a productive culture where the standards of quality and performance are very high, and healthy work and excellence are praised.

In addition, the Aldo Group has a well-known social commitment. They have a special emphasis on being a good corporate citizen in helping communities that are located in their area of influence. They have supported many philanthropic causes such as War Child, YouthAIDS, CANFAR, Youth Fusion and the Cure Foundation.

After reading everything found on the Internet, I understood why I felt so comfortable in the store, the attention of its staff was first, it is more, unusual in other stores, the prices of the products offered were within reach of my financial capacity and the shoes presented an exceptional finish with a nice design.

Now, I am clear about why I decided to buy a product from the Aldo Group.