Adidas Superstar

Adidas Superstar

Since the 50s innovating in designs for the universe of sports equipment, Adidas has not had easy entry to the market. Adidas born in Germany humbly begins as a company of making simple footwear even without sports tone, its creators thanks to their business skills get to relate to the world of sports and from there they start from the premise of making sports shoes.

At the time of the war in the 60s it goes into decline as all the companies that manufacture clothes and footwear dedicate themselves to providing footwear for soldiers in war and as we all know, Germany at this time was not the most beloved nation in the world what the brand suffered a very hard time where its reputation was not the best. However, this was not an impediment Adidas managed to get ahead and recover their contracts and entered again the fierce market of sports equipment, they did not limit themselves only to footwear, they introduced to the market elegant products never before seen in the world of sports were among the first make equipment for sports such as baseball, tennis and are the protagonists in football.

Adidas is a specialist brand in signing contracts with high-performance athletes, they have a strong marketing and advertising team, this investment allowed them to enter the cinematography market, making them known as the most elegant and exclusive brand for athletes. In the 80s and 90s they understood that the world of sports was not everything and they began to invest in designs for mass use and consumption so that Adidas was in all the cloakrooms of the world, from sports shoes, designer handbags and clothes to any occasion Adidas did not stop and attacked all possible markets.

Adidas is the pioneer brand in design innovation, this led them to be the main suppliers of FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) FIFA chose Adidas as its main supplier of sporting goods, there is no football player in the currently not using Adidas and has ensured that everything that athletes use is unique, which has made the population of the world wants to have the clothes that each football player has.

At present, this brand maintains its same policy of innovation in design and quality, has been integrated into the golf market effectively and its sports equipment is used by all athletes in this discipline, despite the highs and lows of Adidas follows Being one of the 10 best known and most competitive brands in the market, Adidas products are found all over the world, they are the most desired by the consumer because they represent elegance, exclusive designs, freshness, and quality within the wide range of products in the world of sport.