The history of the Adidas brand begins with the brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler. In 1920s the young company that in the beginning was called “Geda” starts up in a small town in Germany called Herzogenaurach.

Adidas is a German multinational company with more than 68 years in the market. Since its creation in 1949, it has specialized in the manufacture and marketing of all kinds of articles related to the sports world and fashion.

Adidas has a wide range of products including handbags, watches, sports shoes, shorts, tracksuits, sunglasses, scarves, hats, flip flops for summer and many others that are market leaders and pioneers in promoting their products through the sponsorship of world-class sporting events such as the FIFA Cup of which it is a sponsor and official supplier since 1970 and with elite athletes around the world, among which we can highlight Karim Benzema, Steffi Graf, Jordi Alba, Dani Alves, Iker Casillas are just some of the elite athletes that have been the image of this prestigious brand of sporting goods.

Currently, Adidas sponsors more than 5,000 athletes, 11 Olympic committees, and 21 national federations, to mention some of these Adidas ambassadors in the world we have teams such as Real Madrid, Spanish national football team, German soccer team others.

As it can be inferred Adidas pretends to be the most important and valued sports brand in the world, why else would it invest so much money and efforts in marketing strategies that have the sole purpose of catching the attention of consumers of sports products throughout the world, not only elite athletes but also anyone who practices any sport, amateur or simply by greeting hobbies, and so far seems to have achieved it since we can not enter any park, gym or sports establishment where you do not notice the undeniable presence of Adidas that is only comparable to Nike, its main competitor in the world of sports.

But it would be unfair to say that the success of Adidas in the global sports market is due solely to the titanic marketing campaigns that the brand deploys throughout the world, which undeniably has helped it enormously to position itself, but we must recognize its great trajectory in the production of sports products of the highest quality. Its great ability to reinvent itself and evolve creating more and better alternatives that fit the needs and requirements of sports personalities or elite teams and in all sports disciplines helping them make profitable their efforts and get more and more awards.

An example of this is the efforts that Adidas invests in the creation of shoes and uniforms increasingly lighter so we could say that Adidas is always the best bet when it comes to purchasing your sports equipment as it offers the most advanced equipment in technology and of better quality. That is why it is preferred by the largest and most relevant sporting events in the world and one of the most solicitous brands among world-class elite athletes in all sports disciplines. With Adidas, you feel like you’re flying.

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